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Wanted Dead or Alive          
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"Tomorrow's Not a Promise "

''I think this movie is one of Mr. Hauer's best. As you know Steve McQueen played Josh Randall in the original TV series and I think he would have been proud of the performance Mr. Hauer gave. It was a great pleasure watching Mr. Hauer creating Nick Randall right before our eyes.
I thank you for a great movie and I'm sure that if Mr. McQueen were still with us, he would thank you to.'' CarolF

"Dead or Alive" is one of my movies and i like it a lot.
I have that one and i must say i use to see it all the time .It has a very good script and the cast is quite allright. Rutger of course amazes me all the time. It is a wonderful performance of Rutger Hauer and i like all the cast there.Well;I like the movie ;I like the ambience ,the script and the direction is okay. All the movie has a good mouvment and the story is well done. Another Great piece of my RH Wonderful movies Collection.'' Maria

''You know I've been thinking about this film lately as I just saw it again recently. I don't know what anyone else thinks but I had a difficult time feeling emotionally connected to some of the characters. For example, Nick Randall's new girlfriend, he has only been dating her for a month or so ( I didn't take notes during the movie ). Using the scenes of them on the houseboat are supposed to establish their special relationship. The other character who is supposed to have a close relationship to Nick is his best friend, Danny Quintz. I didn't get the feeling that they were great close friends. Instead of the friendship bond in Lethal Weapon, it felt more like the cold surface relationship in Midnight Cowboy. I think what does work for the movie is Rutger Hauer's ability to act and communicate through the parameters of the character of Nick Randall. The story has some flaws, one for instance wouldn't know there was a back story involving a character portrayed by the late Steve McQueen. Mr. Hauer is able to come forth with a ferocity in emotion much like Charles Bronson in the Death Wish series. Even though he hadn't known the woman long he still felt angered by the subsequent events. Another pointless character - the terrorists girlfriend . . . could've done the entire film without her.'' RedDragon

''Well, as for me i didn't know about the TV series when I first saw Wanted Dead or Alive, and i can't see any flaws you're talking about. the terrorist's girl friend really is a fake character but if the hero got the one why should the villain lag behind? what made me laugh it's the arabs in their national garments hiding in the barrels (so that nobody would mix them up with mexicans when they start ) anyway the movie is great and watch it regulary especially I like the scene in the shop when Nick busts the con.'' Ann Perekotti

''Ah come on, even terrorists have a personal life too, ya know.'' Minty

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