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Turks Fruit              
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"Giving the seagull back to the sea"

''Dizzy B, in agreement with your TF take on Olga & the painting. However, I got the feeling Erick also didn't want to sell it, but did it anyway because they were in need of the money.
He wanted to provide for them so they would have to depend on & put up with the horrible Mother-In-Law as little as possible. Just a thought. Sarah, really enjoyed your TF read.'' Judy

''Just a comment on the picture in TF. I think it sort of tickled Olga, when he drew it, and it meant something to her, more than it did to him. After all, he just whipped it up and slipped it under the door - he could probably make a dozen more the same. But the fact is - he drew it and slipped it under the door to HER. So it was hers. We women are strange about things like that. Little things mean a lot to us. But I don't think this was a turning point in their relationship. I think Olga frankly got tired of all the sex play. I mean, yeah, it's fun - but seven times in one day?! (Er- I got that from the book.) I think the tumor was effecting her too - I think she wanted something she just couldn't put her finger on - and never would be able to, because it was the tumor causing the feeling. // Take care, all!'' Tori

''I still dont think Erik had any special feeling for the drawing he sold, unless, it was just special to him so he wouldnt have to put up with that fruit cake of a mother-in-law so that was a good point I had not thaught of Judy.
I could really go on and on about this movie but the pillow is calling me.'' DizzyB


''Affecting Tori? ;¬) I think that drawing might have mean't a little to Erik, he drew it for Olga to entice her out of the loo. Not as much as it mean't to her though else he wouldn't have sold it. I suppose us women think of these things as special and private and not to be seen by anybody else ;¬) Olga's mother took a dislike to Erik from the start but I think it was more than just because he was not good enough for her daughter. I think she was jealous! Envious of their youth and carefree ways. Also her dislike of Erik was only an apparent one, she really did like him. Alot! When I first watched TF, I thought the moose-in-law (LOL)at some point would make a pass at Erik, heeheehee. Is anybody with me on this or am I warped? ;¬) LOL.'' Minty

''Hi - Yes I do agree with you Sarah - I think she really took quite a fancy to Erik - especially in they way that she 'dressed' when he was around! It is often the little things our men folk do for us that mean a lot to us.
They never seem to understand that - or mine does not seem to! Im going to have to re-watch this film again VERY soon. Bye for now.'' Diana

''I think she flat wanted Erick big time! He rejected her of course, and her trying to turn Olga against him was in part at least for revenge.'' Judy

''Hi - I have only watched this film once, a year ago, have been trying to get my 'other half' to watch it with me - but he does not like sub-titles! I agree that there are a couple of bits in the film that I think are unnecessary and I did not like watching!! I will say no more! I thought it a lovely 'love story' that RH really excelled in. I still find it hard to belive that it was made 30 years ago! I must make time and watch it again soon.'' Diana

''Diana, I need to watch the film again, too. I also found it to be a fascinating love story of two very young people who were unsure enough of themselves that Olga continued to listen to her mother and was influenced too much by her. I also feel that Olga's illness influenced a lot of the things she did as well. I felt that both Rutger and Monique were superb in their acting skills in this film though and Verhoeven did throw in a few 'surprises' that seemed out of place. I feel that I could watch the film over and over again and get more viewpoints, opinions, and understanding with each viewing. I have always felt that this is one film that anyone who wants to get an inside look at Rutger, as a young and reckless man should see. Rutger himself has stated that he was like Erik in many ways when he was very young. I guess in some ways, I see this part Rutger played as a brilliant beginning to a stellar career. Rutger told Verhoeven that he WAS Erik. Verhoeven doubted Rutger's ability to play a leading man. Rutger removed all doubt with his audition and the resulting quality of the film speaks for itself. I did at first question the need for the nudity and then I realized that it was an essential part of the film because for 2 young married people, it is beautiful for them to feel 'free' enough to be around one another in this manner. The story is a sad one in the end, but it is also a beautiful story.'' Jan

''Sarah, I also agree with you about Erik's mother-in-law in TURKS FRUIT, that she was secretly attracted to ERIK, but knew how much he disliked her, that it would be hopeless of her trying to show it or compete with her daughter for his affections.'' Linda T

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