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Turks Fruit              
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"Giving the seagull back to the sea"

''I'm afraid I thought that scene was quite amusing. Yes, I agree: "it's what dogs do".
I'm not a country gal but owned a beautiful golden retriever for 13 years and as all dog owners will know, you certainly get used to the things that dogs do. I vote it should stay in.'' Corinne

''That was not a church, just a registry office if I remember right. (but you never know with my memory, LOL). I'm with Corinne...I like theway Verhoeven puts these things in. He's in the Universe Protection Unit: Fighting Boredom and Kitch, LOL. In TD he goes to tell a story realistically... here the viewer has to sit through the ugly bits to appreciate the beautiful bits better. to embrace the story...'' NNFT

''Thanks RUTGER and WEBMASTERS for the wonderful 30th Anniv TURKS FRUIT tribute.Marvelous pics and soundtract music.I too like many others love the music.The haunting harmonica playing especially. What good write ups about TURKS FRUIT too.It made very interesting reading. All the different views and attitudes towards the film.Like one of the latest additions of DIZZY B. What she wrote covered so many different aspects of the characters.So i will now add my insights of the the film TURKS FRUIT,if i may.I thought of TURKS FRUIT as a tragic love story.At the start i wanted to dislike Erik's character,but could not.He seemed to be comparing his sexual conquests with the one love of his life,OLGA.But he would always be tormented by her,leading to his dream fantasies of her.And of killing her.ERIC and OLGA seemed to have a good relationship going for a while.There was a chemistry between them.Eric seemed to get on well with Olga's father,but could never have put up with her mother.As the instant dislike between them was so obvious.I think that the car crash brought on the tumour,and that made me feel sorry for Olga as it ended her life so early.The incredible change in her character,was shown just before her collapse in the restuarant.Eric's character then seem to change too,as shown in the careing way he ended up nursing Olga until the end.A thought provoking film given the PAUL VERHOVEN touch,that he has become famous for.Hence scenes such as the horse eyeball in the meal scene,the scene where his zipper got stuck,the wedding chapel scene,the dad dancing on his own coffin scene,the freeing of the seagull back to the sea.All in the unique Verhoven style.Those images stay locked in your memory.'' Linda T

''As far as TF goes, I felt some of the scenes were pretty raw too. (The stop & fastforward button got a workout in those instances). That said, the movie did succeed in telling a beautiful story. I know a woman with an illnes that took a turn for the worse. Her husband left her when she needed him most. Watching Erick stick by Olga's side to the end was especially touching. O'cider, enjoyed reading your take on TF too.'' Judy

''Hmmm, Turks Fruit. A film I’ve seen for the first time only recently. Even the title conjures up thoughts of eroticism. What is it about Turkish Delight (the confectionery) that seems so naughty? An acquaintance once said to me: “Rutger Hauer? He used to make porn films, didn’t he?” I was quite shocked by that remark and promptly put him straight. But it must be said that the beginning of TF had me thinking: “oh, no, don’t tell me he was right!” Of course, he wasn’t, and not long into the film I’d quite forgotten that it even crossed my mind. I concur largely with PerPer. I don’t think this was supposed to be any sort of moral tale but a love story showing warts and all. Erik was a man, in my view, typical of many men from that era. He was just living life to the full and enjoying every moment of it. When he met Olga, I think he saw in her the same qualities by which he himself existed. Uninhabited, carefree, with no desire for any ties. Unfortunately he unexpectedly fell in love with her which immediately took away the carefree aspect of his life. I think the car crash definitely was the cause of the brain tumour and maybe Erik knew deep inside that he was the cause of the crash (when he gave Olga the fur stole to put on and she lost control of the car which swerved off the road). I also think that the mother-in-law had designs on Erik herself once he became part of the family, so maybe that’s why she was so bitter towards him as he’d spurned her advances. With regard to the succession of women Erik sought comfort in after Olga had left, it’s possible that he was trying to hurt Olga in some way with this behaviour or maybe he was desperately searching for her replacement but in his heart he knew he’d never find the right one as he’d already found his perfect match in Olga. It’s not made clear in the film why Olga suddenly left Erik. Perhaps, as has been said, it was her mother’s influence, or maybe she realised as she got older that there were other things in life which Erik could never give her. He seemed quite happy to live his simple way of life and Olga probably realised that life with him would always be that way. I don’t think she ever stopped loving him but she had simply outgrown his constant craving for carnal pleasure. A good movie, superbly acted (or were you just “playing” yourself, Rutger?). I agree with Cazzie regarding the pictures which have been selected for the Tribute page – where are all those of you in your naked splendour, Rutger? I hope you’ve not suddenly become bashful and look forward to seeing a lot more of you soon.....'' Corinne

''Hi - Just a few lines about Turkish Delight - I have only watched this film once, about a year ago. I am not too keen on 'sub titles' but with this film it does not matter - the acting says it all. Rutger was just perfect as Erik. The scene where Erik gives Olga the turkish delight, shows us just how much he really loved her. It does not seem true that it is 30 years ago that it was made! Love to all.'' Diana

''Diana, Right on! TF's endearing and enduring status continues only because of our Mr. Hauer.'' Judy

''That scene in Turkish Delight where Erik jumps into a megabubbled bath, did y'allnotice he'd left the taps running LOL? Fact blurring with fantasy IMHO (In my humble opinion) heehee! Have you always had this problem then Hauerbear?'' Minty

''Hi Rutger and GBers, I have so many ideas running through my head about TF that I keep forgetting some. The part where Olga comes home from the "milk" factory, she is so excited about earning some money all on her own. She wants to share this with Erik but he is busy with a customer selling one of his drawings. Olga sees the drawing and is upset because it was the one Erik drew of them making love and pushed under the bathroom door in an attempt to say sorry for the argument they had just gotten in. She has locked herself in the bathroom and sees the drawing, smiles and unlocks the door, hugs Erik and all is well again. Anyway, back to her coming home with her hard earned money, the drawing he is selling to this man is the very drawing he did that day to say sorry, I think she holds it in a special kind of way, personal and not meant for anyone elses owning. She doesnt care how much money Erik got for the drawing, she feels he has betrayed her in a personal way and is dissapointed that he didnt hold the drawing in the same special way she did. Erik is confused because he thinks he can draw so many more and why the big deal over this one? Now, this is when she runs out in the rain and her friend pulls up and they go to the party thing. Did she do what she did with his best friend cuz she is mad at him for taking her feelings so lightly, or so she sees it, and its like she is saying, "no big deal, he was just coping a little feel,". I can imagine her thinking to herself," no different than you selling a very personal drawing of us that was mine and you gave it to me, you drew it for me, you didnt even ask if I wanted to sell it,so there, have a taste of your own medicine." Seems to fit in my way of thinking. OK, I got to go, best wishes to all who come here, Diz. PS, I will be back, have a few more questions, does anyone else think the same way about the drawing thing as I do?'' DizzyB

''Hi there Mr PerPer, I hadn’t forgotten you ;~) Good to hear you take on TF, an interesting read. LOL xxx I’ve watched it again recently and have sorted out what I think for certain. I think! ;~) I think there was something between Olga and Erik from the moment they met. Maybe that’s why Olga stopped for him in the first place? She liked the look of him? Usually after sexercise, Erik is mean to women and can’t get rid of them quick enough. With Olga though he shows tenderness and afterwards even asks her if she loves him a little. Okay they’re driving along and he can’t go anywhere lol, but there is actual conversation between these two. Erik doesn’t usually chit chat like that, so I think from the beginning there was a certain spark which was more than just lust. I think they cared about each other right then but it didn’t develop into real love until they met up again post car crash. You could tell they cared, Erik trying to reach Olga and she waiting, hoping he would come and find her after the accident. When they got together again, love blossomed as they realized they were soulmates. Erik loved her free spirit, her wild energy, libido and boisterousness. Qualities he possessed himself. The accident happened straight away, so its before they’ve had time to establish a relationship really. I think that the accident wasn’t responsible for Olga’s tumour afterall LOL. They were together a good while after that before she started acting strange, in fact before her betrayal Olga was acting quite sane LOL! Or was that a clue? ;~) She complained to Erik that all he was interested in was sexercise and asked him once, why he had to do all these things. She settled into marriage too well too soon LOL! I think it was her fathers death, the trauma of which triggers her brain tumour :~( At work in the factory she ‘spaces out’ and does so again when she runs out into the rain. So I think her illness combined with her mothers influence (Tori I agree with ya about her mother poisoning her mind against Erik LOL) leads to her betrayal. I think part of her doesn’t know what she’s doing though. She loved him but it was very cruel to treat him as she did, in the restaurant in front of everyone else although it was as if everybody was in on this act! Olga does go quiet and look at him a couple of times, as if she regretted doing it this way realizing it was cruel, maybe as in her own way she did still love him. DizzyBabe I agree with what you said about Erik letting go of the seagull. It signified although he still loves her that he is setting Olga free finally. Himself too. A touching sad scene but in a way happy too because they are both released. Have to tell ya I feel that gross dog in the church scene could’ve been left out, not necessary. Yuk!! Still that’s the Verhoeven technique for ya, shocks R’us LOL . Just grim I think. I find the hospital scenes so so meaningful but very sad. I get quite choked when Erik puts his head on her shoulder, and she has her arm around him. It’s the look on Eriks face that does it. You know for sure at that instant that he’s never stopped loving her, that’s the tearjerking moment for me. Then of course his final gift to her of Turks Fruit, letting her know he forgives her and still loves her. And I think she does him, when they’d split up she still gravitates back towards him. Overall I see this film as a tragic romance. That’s the thread running through it, a romance dutchie style ;~) Anyone else got any more thoughts? ;~) LOL Minty xxx PS: Oh yes,its very sad for Olga too, in that she seems afraid all along of getting ill like her mother had. The scene for instance when she runs out of the toilet in hysterics thinking she has cancer. Then what a sad twist of fate that she does become terminally ill. You had to sympathise with her too in the end. Or was she obsessed with dying because she had foreseen her own demise and that’s why she has aways lived so carefree not expecting to fall in love? I think maybe she contrived her betrayal in the restaurant to be witnessed by Erik because she knew she was ill then. She loved him so much she wanted him to be free and not be burdened down by her when her illness took over. He would never leave her so she was cruel to be kind to him by letting him see her adultery. That’s real love and romance. OMG I could think about this film forever. LOL!'' Sarah

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