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Turks Fruit              
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"Giving the seagull back to the sea"

''Hey, Nax and Mint - I see what you mean about the love thing - hard to think that "true love" would start out from casual sex. But there were several things that happened in that first encounter. First of all, there was chemistry; second, sex; third, pain and trauma. First, Erik gets his wanker caught in his fly, and then they get to laughing about this so hard that they get into the car wreck, which is a pretty bad one, not just a little fender-bender. All that in one sitting. When two people go through a lot together, it tends to create a pretty strong bond. I thin all of that left an indelible imprint, if not on Olga, definitely on Erik. // By the way O'Cider - Turkish Delight is the candy Olga eats at the end of the movie, in the hospital. I think. Am I right on that one? // Take care, all!'' Tori

''In the middle of watching the Turks Fruit trib ute I started to cry. Ihaven't cried in a very long time. I cried for Olga, for Erik and also for myself. It was good...''

''Yes tori, that's turkish delight. For the other point, it's a sort of misinterpretation.. for me its not hard to understand that truelove starts out from casual sex. thats the way. there`s only the little devil on my shoulder who said, that girl..cant believe..she`s such a simple,and thats the polite word:)crazy..parttimecrazy maybe, but she was so unemployed and untensing..for what the hell more than a f...? film lives from transmission(hope its the right word) you believe or not the characters out of your own experiences, its a feelinthing, rest is more intellectual:)..but nataly came close to the point..its not a question of deserve the love you get. and i doesnt mean deserve. but cant declare it more exact in english. sorry. ha, i must try it again:-)lol if you are interested in someone..could be different, or. some you would only have sex with, and you could love them for that, but you wouldnt let them into your flat:-) some others you fell in love. for to fell in love there are more reasons than good sex or annouced good sex..and it needs more than an adorable body..its the basic, and a strong one..but if there comes not more than adorable sex, i am bored. it must`nt be everytime an intellectual talk, that wasnt meant..but something more. more. more. or my interest dies. on this basic i believe/feel its only the "filling" of a picture he had from his oneandonly. if any he had an idea of a oneandonly:-)lol ..see ya..'' Nax

Greetings! Oops, it's been a while since I've visited the GB, I guess... Nice "Turks Fruit" page and discussion/s. Oh well, better late than never: Well, I've always experienced the movie as a in-your-face-Verhoeven-effort; blending blackblackblack comedy with irony and tragedy. And a *big* love story with a twist (or was that a big twisted love story?). It's gritty, direct and almost brutal. Verhoeven balances the various ingredients so skillfully and bluntly - and yeah, I'm a big sucker for the wonderfully surreal scene at the funeral when Erik sees Olga's dead father "alive" on top of the coffin doing his little dance; that scene is so weird and so sweetly warm at the same time. [OK, OK, so I'm a fan of a little morbidity now and again...] The movie also changes pace very effectively from one "phase" to another (for me the phases consist, roughly, of: passion, love, rejection, revenge, redemption, death, freedom). It's a rather wild and free-spirited movie, and the characters reflect the movie's spirit. And what *does* a man see in Olga? ; ) Er.. maybe the desire for, or lust for, the one you "can't" have/win/control? A "perverse" love addiction, almost? (Mostly my wild roaming thoughts here above, and probably not 100 % of my personal preferences! ; )) Anyways... She's very strongwilled; Olga does what Erik does/did, but she's also the one that gets "punished" for her actions by being killed off in the end. But I really don't read the movie as a morality tale of sorts. In my mind's eye it's more of a movie that wants to celebrate human love and life, a life lived with passion, a life with warts and everything. Right... So, with this waffle, I say bye-bye for now! Take care and so on! PerPer

''Hmmm TF too much to say - some already in messageboard - I was 17 when I saw it, a double bill with SvOranje. Left a fingerprint I am still paying for I'd say! But we are onto that rarely capturable thing being 'in love'.... THAT THING! Never have I think, oh yes I have thought I have been, we all do when we are young. But we realise usually that it had more to do with something after lust that was a kind of love without being in love. We may now shake our heads if we made a lucky escape. Our hearts may still beat faster at the recollection. Being in love ... total submission, and none of us are prepared for that now I think. None of us are perhaps strong enough for it. Submission not so much in giving up power, but in visiting a place where the power belongs to neither of you, doesn't exist and the submission is TRUST. To trust enough to submit SURE that the focus of your love will not withhold, will do the same. 'In love' is the essence of that I think. Blah blah... words words words... they can take us near, they are the most erotic and powerful of tools... but then everyones dictionary is just a little tilted... do any of us ever read exactly what another wrote, no, only filtered through our own ignorance, or own intelligence, our own history and inner fires! Enough waffle.'' Cazzie

''Turkish Fruit photos are lovely, esp. the Sunset. Verhoeven tells us we're not in complete control of our lives, I feel. Olga's car accident destroyed, rewrote her future. Erik is callous but must face a harsh reality in the end. Maybe, he deepens? I find myself disliking Erik. RH is such a good actor to make me feel this way so strongly. The last scenes are powerful: Olga's statue. Haunting.'' Christine

''Hi Rutger and GBers, OK, Ive watched Turkish Fruits. I see Erik as a for sure "carefree" artist. Im thinking he has led his life this way, artistic talent and very good. As for his relationships, they are all just lusting for sex, all kinds and types of sex. He has no desire to settel with one woman, it would ruin the freedom he wants to be able to explore sex with all varieties of women. He certainly has no inhabitions and likes to be free to lust after women who he thinks will give him a different experience each time he takes them to his bed. I also see that his sex life has a lot to do with his artistic life, it gives him new inspiration when he does have a good lay as well as a bad lay. Then comes some frustration from some critisising of his work. This ends him up on the highway where Olga picks him up. When he asks her if she picks up hitchhikers often, I dont think she is telling the truth when she says no, never and I think he knows she is not telling the truth. Within a matter of minutes they are flirting and then go straight to lusting eachother. I dont think either of them expected to have the feelings they did after they had sex let alone getting his pecker stuck in his zipper! Olga gets a little shiver and Erik offers her his coat, this causes the wreck. She likes nice things and has her attention on the coat, and they wreck. Erik finds Olga at her parents, they dont want her to see him, the fellow in the store or whatever it is tells Erik, after Erik yells out several times that he has f---ed her, that he has not been the only one. I get the feeling then that Olgas parents have had problems with their very "loose" daughter and that Erik is just another in a long line of guys she has had coming looking for her for more good times. I think Olga and Erik find a common bond in eachother, kindred spirits if you will. They enjoy freedom, sex, lots of sex, and very little responcibility. Am I wrong in getting the idea that Olga is much younger than we think since her mother says he can get in trouble with the cops and he says, "bullpucky, we are getting married? Is there a reason they have to go to Amsterdam to do this married thing because of her age? That was the way I took it, could be way off corse there. Anyway, they seem to have a blast and it seems to be what they were both looking for and neither one ever expected to find someone as sexually driven as they have always been but have now found that person in eachother. Things start to go wrong when she is working in the milk? factory and finds herself spaced out and doesnt know why. Then her odd behavior at the party where Erik sees her and that guy in the mirror. She calls him later and says she is leaving him, he is totally taken off guard but tries to go back to the days when he didnt let anyone get a hold on him. Then he realises he cant get her out of his head or heart. He hits the bird, injures it, takes it home to heal it, Olga sees the bird, gives refference to another caged thing he has and then he takes the bird back to the sea and by turning it loose, he hopes he will also be turning Olga loose. When she comes back after her American hubby flopped, he sees there is something very different but wants them back like they were and tries to make it the way it was but all the while he sees something is vey wrong with her. Then the tumor is found, he sees that the change in her started with the tumor,(she says something about headaches earlier and he remembers that), and because he knows there will never be another love like Olga for him, he stays till the very end. He suffers with her, he sees how child like she still is and wishes he could make it all go away and take them back, he liked her childness, was a turn on, was one of the main things that made him love her, she was childlike and carefree like him from the very begining, he knows its slipping away and then sees her go. He leaves the hospital after she dies, passes the statue and then throws away the wig because it was never part of her, just something that braught back the child in her even if it was only for moments. The ending was so sad. You could feel his loss and empty heart and knew he felt there would never be anyone else that could take her place there. WOW, that was a long rambel on my take of this movie but there it is. And the church they get married in, all pregnant women, Olga is afraid of getting pregnant, her mother and the story she told her about how Olga sucked her breast off, it is the begining of her childlike mind that never seems to grow up, because of that story and from then on she is a little afraid, a little off balance in her mind. OK, Im stopping now. I could write so much more but this is ENOUGH for anyone to read for now!! Best wishes to all who come here.'' Diz

''Thanks webmaster team for putting T F pictures on site. After few minutes of watching I tought I borrow some porno movie first. Then I was watching more and was pretty touched with story. Frankly, it is your first big movie, still very popular tough. I think Erik is more sensitive guy then people around were thinking.'' Eva

''Mornin' Rutger and GBers, the part in TF where he returns to the sea to set the bird free, Im thinking Erik is hoping it will be a kind of cleansing, setting the caged bird free as well as setting his heart free of Olga, but it didnt work. Im guessing at the begining of the movie about Erik's life before we come into it, I think Erik has been wild and carefree for a long time before we come into his life. Olga seems to be the first woman he WANTS to keep. OK, I got to stop or I will go on and on and on...'' Diz

''Well, now that Dizzy has seen it, I discussed the infamous church scene with her. Personally, I think they should have left it out! (Just as Cazzie said! heh!) But Dizzy didn't even really notice it - said that was just "what dogs do." I guess your perceptions of animal behaviour vary on whether you are city bred or country bred - you see a lot of gross things when you are around animals a lot, I expect after a while it wouldn't phase you. But as for ME - I thought the gross factor could have been left out. It certainly wasn't in the book!'' Tori

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