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Turks Fruit              
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"Giving the seagull back to the sea"

''I read a bit around at the new views from viewers turks fruits section.. wow, I didnt saw that there were so much entries about TF til now. for you..when you turn it and see it from the other side..not the womaniser..more from the view of a men-aniser:) i could`nt see anything wrong then:-)lol ..but more serious. i never saw olga, in pictures yes but thought, seen or so..i never saw olga as his really oneandonly..i felt always she`s more the one he "filled" into the picture he had from his oneandonly. i saw olga from the beginning on as the "simple" one she is (my view) nothing changes, and from that view, it can`t be the accident who is responsible for her change. because i saw no change by her. and for to be honest, i was never absolut confident about that love..for me there were no reason in her person to see, to become this big f*** her in the car, yes, sure...but more? but thats live,isnt it:-)lol very complex..and maybe it needs time until one is able not to see what he/she wants to see..more to look whats really'' Nax

''Turks Fruit. Great. Lets see, I unfortunatly(for some) came along 65,I guess I was farting around during Turks Fruity then?Wouldn't know this film from adam n eve.....gotta get a copy.The musics a bit haunting and it seems (to me anyway)to be telling a sad lovers story.mmmm. Sorry Rutger I'm an ignorant bambino back then I was just a small seed waiting to be germinated in my pot of life.Problem is I was germinated at the wrong time and left to die in the sun.HA!big joke on life.shit freekin boohooybaloo.I seem to have missed out on my share of shiny shaggy hippy days.I missed living out the wildchild side of me......what fun, frolicing and loonytune happy sex,too bad.Feel like I lost out on the GOOD times.Where they all THAT good Rutger?I don't know shit,you tell me please,you lived way back then.Tell this youngster some facts about dem wild days she's hungry to know.You told me about your mad flesheating cat and your falling apart at the rusty old seems puttputt car so how about some hippytime tales also.I wanna be a hippy!Yeah Peace man,lets all have wild uncontroled sex together paint each others noses and watch weird shapes change in the sky...and after we'll go get floored by mad folks n mad bombs in the lush green monkey country.Wanna flower Rutger?a joint?economy sized luckyboys,stupid fresh young giggling virgins and a fizzy bud on the side?Hell totally wacky weirdo.I was born to be WILD but at the wrong time.shame I missed out on ALL the fun.PEACE MAN!'' Jackie

''Dear nax, something that came in my mail... People hate as they love, unreasonably. -William Makepeace Thackeray, novelist- it bothered me too in TD what you say about Olga, what brought out that love and on and on, but I must admit, it makes sense. she did not deserve it, she was just there, cupid shot the arrow, voila. we are say, loyal to ppl who deserve it-but we don't love ppl cos they deserve it...and lust for a man is a big part of love(so, beautiful women seem to be prefered to clever - if it can't be both of course)...and love is blind...and to love is to see something in ppl that isn't there...and so on LOL...big hugs!'' NNFT

''Hey back at ya Jackie hon. You can buy Turks Fruit from LOL xxx My what a lovely bunch of updates! Thank you Webbies and Hauerbear ;~) LOL xxx The TF tribute is beautiful and its just great to have that fine piece of music to match. Mentioned before I do love the soundtrack, always worth saying again lol. Fitting choice as its the anniversary of this fine film, which leads me to a question LOL. If there are any Starfish conventions this year, would this be the film which gets a screening then? This would certainly pack em in! ;~) Hahaha Naxus6 "man-iser" as ever you make me smile lol. So you like Olga then? ;~). The TF page is great and I agree with you hon on not realising there were enuff entries to make even one page. Glad we were wrong heehee. Interesting thoughts Naxl sis ;~) I see that Olga was his one true love. It didn't start out that way of course and I'm sure neither of them expected to fall in love. They were just going at it as they had done with others before but then love took em by surprise aaahhh *sigh* ;~)I think that Erik sees something in Olga that possibly, we don't. Will have to ask the menfolk lol. (Mikey Pee? PerPer?) I think perhaps he loves her free spirit, her craziness, sees them as 2 of a kind. Just MHO. Maybe the accident indirectly made her crazy by triggering off what became a brain tumour? I don't think Erik's love was enough for her anyway and yep she would have betrayed him anyhow. He had managd to settle down though, felt so sorry for him. Wanted to kill his best mate lol. Oh I gotta go and watch it again now I think ;~).....[whistling TF theme icon] LOL 'n' hugs'' Minty

''Just watched the Turks Fruit tribute..and noticed it was filmed 1973. I was barely 1-year-old at that time, depending the time of the year it was filmed. Some of the things in the film looked quite oldish to me, like that blue baby carriage. I thought by the things I've heard that the film was a bit wilder one, but I didn't see anything too wild there, except some know I used to have some of that type of locks as a kid, but now have had short hair for too a long time...if I were patient enough..That music sounded French to me, so melancholic repeated tune, a bit like in some other film...I wonder where the movie got it's name? Turks Fruit? Oriental orange or lime..oh well, maybe it might be guessed..Why did she die? Had a cancer or something in her brain? And this bird released on the beach, quite symbolic I believe. But I have not seen the film. And don't know when I will finally see it. It's not exactly the type of film I usually watch..well I could make an exception with this one, for the hair etc (hehehee..wink wink). Oh, the bunnies have to be taken care of, I gotta leave now. Wishing well to all you who visit here.'' O'cider

''Good to see a celebration of this extraordinary movie. It was one of the first I ever saw of your films Rutger and will always have a place inmy heart. It's a tough film at times, its unsettling, its funny, its sad. A movie about the complex explorations of a conflicted young man and the woman who puts him there, lost in a sweep of lust after being deserted by the woman he somehow knows will always remain the love of his life. But even he finds that the pain doesn't go away simply by sating the body. And the love story that is Erik's and Olga's is poignant, fun, not an easy road. I agree with someone in a recent g/b entry, in the film it isn't clear why she ups and leaves him at the point she does. Interestingly I was only thinking the other day that Erik happily fucks his way through this film, but you never see sex with Olga, they are always interrupted! It somehow makes the whole story even more poignant when that is all he is left with when she leaves. Is he enjoying these other women? He is telling himself he is? Is he punishing Olga with them? I have the book in English but haven't yet read it - perhaps one for my time off this next week or so. I have held off because some time ago DD began translating it for me (half a dozen pages maybe) as I couldn't get an English copy and I am worried that the translation I have now will be less rigorous! Chance I will have to take. But, lets turn to a certain Dutchy… I performance as fine as any I might expect to see now. You really did inhabit Erik, taking as much of you as required and stirring it in to give a strong, pungent smell of who that man was. It is one of the very few roles I would like to see reprised because I want to know what Erik is doing now. Once or twice I have even been tempted to write that sequel. Well, maybe one day when I have nothing else to do… if that day ever comes.But now I have to chime a critical note. I have to say I think the film tribute has done this movie a serious disservice! OK I can understand as an older man a little coyness has slipped in. However, watching this tribute roll over one could be forgiven for thinking we were going to get a Mills and Boon romance and that isn't what this movie is about. This isn't the movie that its leading actor said 'I am Erik'. That actor was not only talking about the romance, but about the complex, rough, conflicted young man of the movie who sates he sexual desires and uses/misuses any woman to hide from the pain of lost love. Is the naked male body so offensive to society? No, you don't want to only be looked upon or judged for the naked shots in this film, but considering it is one of the rare films where nakedness is justified in its exploration of the subject it is sad to see that even our dashing Dutchman consents to the only nudity being female! That does surprise me, because I am damn sure this is one movie you are not ashamed to have been a part of! That said, some of the most beautiful shots of the movie are there - the release of the bird is probably one of the favourite shots of anyone I have spoken to about this film over the years (just as the dog lapping the seat is the one every woman would cut out hehehe!). OK well, that's my dollar worth… Look forward to more on this wonderful piece from other viewers.'' Cazz

''Of course, I forgot Olga and Erik in the car - but then they were fuckers not lovers! hehehe!'' Cazz



''Turkish delight is 30! Wow. Trying to remember what was I up to 30 years ago…hmm, not much…I was just out of my nappy, ha ha. Whereas it's one of first RH films that my pal Cazzie here has seen, for me it came at the end…I've seen everything else before, and TD for the first time this Xmas (thanx naxx). BTW Caz, that could be very interesting to come back to Eric so many years later and see how did it go and what happened in his life. A challenge for the writer in anyhow…As for TD impressions…it's sad and you know, doesn't look away from ugliness in people and life, it's no-magic, no-mystery European cinema realism… it's heart breaking. Olga…a reminder of how fragile beauty and sanity are. Erik…his raw energy just blows me away. His arrogance hurts…also, the joy of life and wit and happiness in TD need to be mentioned…because there is so much misery in life, good (rare) things shine out so bright…my fav scene in the film is him flying around on his bike with the girl at the back, annoying the car driver. There's other things I could say but other ppl said them already - sooo… Maybe just to add something else cos it can't hurt… LOL. Young bear = a sight for sore eyes. Yet, the old bear - even more so! What was (relatively speaking) missing in that young face is there now, experience, compassion, vulnerability, that wonderful ability to reflect the emotions of the person facing him (like a human mirror) is perfected… a trace of melancholy mixed in now with a sense of humour, it can also be read on his face…intelligence was always there but came across somewhat cold…now it warmed up to wisdom. I have a terrible habit to leave the path carelessly and end up in the middle of a big dark forest, and even then to keep going, (hmm-mm) but I'll try to break it, and to cut this short before I - and cut! LOL. Love and kisses.'' NNFT

''Oh I've only just found this new MB section. I'm here fresh from waffling on about this beautiful film in the GB LOL! so I'll be brief this time ;~) I agree with you Nats, the 'now' Bear is an even better sight for sore eyes. It is hard to believe this is 30 years old! Hell, I was going to school and the only Turkish Delight I knew of was the lovely stuff I liked to spend my pocket money on LOL! Erik's love of life, of women and Olga his true love is stunning to watch but I love the funny moments too. Like the food fight you just know Erik is going to start with the 'eye' ;~) I think it is a tribute to Eriks character when all is said and done that he didn't carry out his fantasy and shoot Olga and his best friend. But he did love Olga still. Thats all for now folks'' Minty

''Oooh Cazzie did you have to mention that dog scene eeeshhh! ;~) That is the only scene in this film which makes me squirm and cringe!!When I first watched TF I did initially cringe at the scene where Erikgoes to the bathroom and picks Olga's poop out of the toilet for closer inspection. Not for long though, I fell about laughing. I could watch and listen to the monthly tribute for Hauers (lol) but when I first saw it I never expected to see a full naked Erik ;~) I suppose it does detract from Eriks real character abit but you know something, I'm not bothered. All the pix in it are really lovely, especially the close ups.'' Minty

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