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Turks Fruit              
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"Giving the seagull back to the sea"

''Damn, but this book is depressing. Olga reminds me a bit - of me. I remember when I was young - I would sit out in the street in the flood waters after a pouring rain, just like that. Or stand in the middle of the street with my face turned up into the downpour, laughing at the
lightning with the thunder still ringing in my ears. I loved weather, I loved nature - it made you feel so alive, to go outside and just stand in it. And now here I am - haven't been out to the country in ages - no camping, no hiking, no nothing. Sheltering under a blanket inside with a cup of tea. Old spirited. I love that song by Supertramp - the Logical Song. When I was young, it seemed that life was so wonderful - a miracle - it was beautiful, magical. But then they sent me away, to teach me how to be sensible, logical, practical, intellectual, cynical. Yep. I know how Olga felt to be young, and I know how it felt when she got older. How frigging depressing. // I'm nto finished with the book yet - I still have a chapter or two to go. But basically, what it says is this - you don't know what you have until it's gone. // I swear, I need to get out this summer, go lay under the stars, play in a creek somewhere. Living in the city slowly kills your spirit - so slowly you don't even know you are half dead. I remember whitewater rafting and laughing in defiance at the waves as they tried to sweep me overboard. I remember I felt so ALIVE. And now here I spend most of my time, in front of a computer. // Well. Heh! Guess I went off again! There is my book report. Take care, all!'' Tori

''Does anyone else have any remarks to make about the movie or the book, Turkish Delight? That would be a good topic. I just finished reading the book - very sad. From the book, I picture Eric to be a big, hairy, dark haired man. It never once mentions his hair color all the way through it, though. Mr. Hauer, I think you did a great job with the part. The movie basically kept with the book, but the book does offer a few revelations as to what was going through people's heads and why they acted the way they did. But, even without the book, the movie was well acted so that you still got all the basic emotions just from viewing it. It's a far cry different from reading and watching Blade Runner, that's for sure! // Take care, all!'' Tori

''So you've finished the book at last. Never read it yet but I have TD on dvd, lol, and the impression is that it runs pretty parallel to the book.It is very sad but when I first saw it I expected to not like the womanising Erik. How wrong can ya be? LOL. Just couldn't help feeling sorry for him in the end when he was betrayed, and eventually I felt sorry for Olga too. I love the soundtrack! It invokes sadness though, but music does that to me. On the flipside though, I find comedy and quirkiness in this film too, never a bad thing.'' Minty

''Hey Mint! The book has some pretty funny spots in it too. I remember the first time I saw the movie - RH made me so MAD!! I thought,what a womanizing @#!$!! But then as you get in to the movie and see the history leading up to it, you understand and start to feel for him. But that's our man - he's very good at that. It's a great movie. I've got DizzyB all curious now, so I'm taking both the book and the movie out to her tomorrow, when I go to visit. Then, you can hear HER book/movie report! I expect she'll have some different insight on it.'' Tori

''TORI! I so envy you!!! You're the most happy! You've got the BOOK! "Turkish Delight"!!!! WOW!!!!!! You know, I've bought TD(film) 'bout 2 weeks ago and I'm still impressed. By everything in this real masterpice. It's so harmonious and beautiful. Though I don't like watchin' people havin' sex but there is nothing odd! It's gorgeous! Tears run down my face, no, I cried when it ended, when that garbage machine crumpled the box with her 'hair'. God! At that final moment I felt like something died in me. I read first you didn't like Erik and most people didn't. But why? I think there is something very attractive in his behaviour and sometimes brutality. We should look deep inside him. Ofcourse he was rude to some women but, you see, they all finally agreed to have sex with him. So, I think he understood that they want it and, which is more important, he wants it too. I wish I had this book! I could understand all these characters better. How do you think, when she betrayed Erik, did she know 'bout her disease? RUTGERRR! ARE YOU STILL ERIK VONK???'' Horny Little Devil

''Hey Horny Little Devil! About TD - That was the curious part about the whole thing. They seemed so happy together - why did she just jump up one day, and leave? Well, the book explains a bit more, about her mother whispering greedy rich words into her ear and slowly poisoning her love for a poor artist - but personally, I think it WAS her illness that made her do it. I think something inside her just wasn't fulfilled, and so she ran around frantically trying to fill that spot, which actually was caused by the tumor. That's my take on it. And all those years, Erik wondered, "What did I do? What happened?" and hated her, and loved her. So very sad. // Well - take care, all!'' Tori

''Yo Rodent sis, even though I've seen the film only thats exactly what I thought. Olga must've been getting sick then because they were happy together and she just ups and betrays him one day! Totally Nuts, I mean if you were her, would you? Nope not me ;~) The first time I saw TD I remember wondering what the significance of Turkish Delight was, and started to think there wasn't any, then there it is, right at the end.'' Sarah

''Sarah: I just assumed that the auto accident they were in was what caused the problem in her brain. As their relationship developed she did several things that went beyond mere eccentricity, so I wasn't very surprised when she left him. She also left the guy she left him for. There were a lot of signs along the way, but you don't realize it until afterwards, when you look for them, although a couple of them were really obvious.'' Shirley

''Hola TORI! Thank you for the answer! I agree with you 'bout Olga's decision.
Do you know where in the Net I can find soundtracks for TD and (oh, my love!!!!!!) Blade Runner?
I want my own Nexus6 to love and take care of him:-)))) I think I've the prototype..''
Horny L.D.

''I remember Tori started few days ago a talk about turks fruits..and an anniversary like this is it really worth to share our thoughts about this wonderful film. This film was an important one for me. I saw it first time, in the age of somewhat around ~14..and together with a few other influences(late hippies, politic movement, artists, ...) it "changed" or maybe "made" a bit my view how I will live. I became a very wild young person, unable to give a wide berth to any troubles, this film helped me to recognize that I am not that wrong my family tried to told me. Alone that is it worth to love this film till today. but there is more. It has really more than one level, so much between the lines one can see. and some pictures I never forget. The "white" Olga, laying in her hospital bed, fed with turkish delight..the broken-hearted Eric who is f***ing one woman after the other, but unable to forget the one he was searching for..or at the garbage dump..and what he found..puppet heads. Great! Thanx for this film!'' Nax

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