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Surviving the Game          
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"The Devil's Facets"

''Dear RUTGER,once again thanks for the latest update.Especially your version and opinion on your character Burns,in SURVIVING THE GAME.A very entertaining film which i enjoyed immensly,your part especially.The beard and glasses,brought Burns to life.A good ending too,i thought.Another in my RUTGER collection of videos and DVD's.'' Linda T

''I think Surviving The Game is a wonderful film to watch, fascinating all round. Think I must watch it again now!'' Sarah

''Burns was such a perfectionist, such the thorough hunter that I wondered why he didn't check the dead body of Ice T after he blew up the plane. He simply ASSUMED that Ice T was killed with the blast? Arrogance? Forgetfulness? Anomaly? Did I miss something? If he HAD checked out his Ice T "prey," he would have found him still alive, wounded or not there. In any event the hunt would have ended with a final kill, if Ice T were injured, or would have gone on another ways until one of them was dead. Oh well, doesn't matter. I find these anomalies occasionally in movies. A loose end, a small question mark. Sometimes a tiny little detail, a short dialogue or even a short scene is left out of the final DVD or T.V. version. As I said, doesn't matter; Burns wasn't going to win THIS one. THAT was in the script. I guess the L.A. scene was simply more dramatic. The evil priest imagery-disguise is tried and true these days--at least since the 60's. You do it SO well. It HAS to be fun -- it's so unlike your real life persona...'' Yvonne

''Yes, SURVIVNG THE GAME kept me on the edge, but I can't say I like the idea of human prey. I have to tell you though, I'm not big on beards either. Obscures the finer points.'' BarbaraG

''It is a great movie allright and It makes us think Deb. Because it is a deep story and it's very well worked by all the people.
It speaks about the courage we need in order to survive and about how injust and cruel some people can be. A bunch of horrible and mean people trying to destroy a human's life getting pleasure of it. Rutger 's message is wonderful because it speaks about all that cruelty and loneliness of the characters. Explainning lots of important details. Great movie yes and i can't get enough .Because it is not only a movie.It is also a lesson.For all those who are in danger and for all those who are abusers. One single man can beat the evil associations. A single person can survive and win! Thanks a lot Mr. Rutger Hauer for all your beautiful movies and this one in particular!'' Maria

''I agree with everything you just sad! It is a lesson and a good one and that's the reason I like the movie so much! This one and all the others Rutger does / did /or will do.
They all have a good lesson inside!


''A bit of a slow start, I thought, but the film soon moved up a gear to a good pace. I found myself hating each and every one of the “hunters” (perhaps with the exception of Wolfe Jr), but was disappointed that Gary Busey went out quite so soon. He plays quite a convincing baddie. As always, Rutger slipped easily into his role as the cold-hearted Mr Burns and gave a thoroughly enjoyable and convincing performance. (I thought the collection of severed heads a tad too puppet-like, looking like they could be from the workshop of “Spitting Image”.) A good performance from Ice-T and I was pleased he managed to survive through everything that could be thrown at him. (One wonders how he managed to get back to civilisation from the middle of a vast “nowhere”. But no doubt there was a spare plane waiting for him and that he was able to pilot the thing home, or did I miss something?). And, of course, it was satisfying to see Mr Burns get his comeuppance in the end, even if he was hiding behind the priest’s garb! (Didn’t Mr Burns move on to being the bad guy in Springfield?? Only joking, Rutger!) All in all, a very watchable film which got the message across. Thumbs up for this one.'' Corinne

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