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Surviving the Game          
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"The Devil's Facets"

''My husband and I watched "Surviving the Game" again last night, and I watched very carefully for a second motorcycle, because I DID see the one in the alley the first time I watched it. When Burns car didn't start, I thought Burns was walking down the alley to the motorcycle to use it as an alternate form of transportation, and only hid when he reached the motorcycle because he became aware someone was following him. The second time I watched it, it (finally) occurred to me that he stopped at the motorcycle because it wasn't supposed to be there, and he recognized it as one from the mountains and then knew for sure he was being followed. Even so, in the scene when they are flying into Hell's Canyon over all those craggy mountains and snow, I find it hard to believe a man with a bullet in his belly could drive out of there. Hitching rides or stowing away is more believable to me. But then I asked my husband. "How did Mason get back to the city in 3 days?" I asked him. He said, "Well, obviously he rode out on the motorcycle!" and I said, "He bounced across the mountains on a motorcycle with a bullet in his belly and a torn-up leg?!" to which he rolled his eyes at me and said, "Honey - It's a MOVIE." And like I say, that is why I don't write movie scripts! Because the hero would bleed to death in the first few minutes, or get a raging infection from ruptured intestines caused by a belly wound, or the characters would do the sensible thing and run OUT of the house instead of up the stairs, and then the movie would be over in 15 minutes rather than 2 hours. Anyway, Debi, what I'm trying to say is that I am an idiot. I saw the motorcycle - it just never even occurred to me that it was Mason's. I mean, not even the slightest inkling! Sometimes I am so obtuse. Take care, everybody!'' Tori

''Okay, I wasn't completely honest. My BS meter did go off at the ending, except that even then I was able to work it out where it could have happened that way. First off, with all the explosions, there was a lot of black smoke in the air. Someone from the forestry service would have come to investigate. My "reality" meter would have Mason going straight to the forestry officer and telling him everything and getting the police involved. But - he could have stowed away on the forestry plane and gotten back to civilization undetected. Then, he had the $200 Burns had given him as an advance. He would carry that on his person at all times - being homeless, he would be accustomed to keeping everything important to him on his physical person. So, he could've hitched a ride, paid someone to take him back to the city. The BS meter goes off here, however - anyone who picked him up and saw his condition would have taken him straight to the hospital! But okay - he could've stowed away on a truck or a train - it's possible. So I forgive the ending, because I especially liked the part of how it ended. I won't tell you that. Let's just say he learned something from a yappy little old man. Just goes to show you, you can learn a lot from people, even the ones you don't think have much to contribute. Anyway. That's the official end of the Rodent Review. Any other comments? Maybe the Webbies with make a "Survivng the Game" page, if they get enough feedback for it!'' Tori

''Well, getting past the being-horrified-by-the-very idea part, this was a good movie. Very strong emotional responses to this. Also, you know how I am, I always think, "What would have I done in that situation?" and some movies are so stupid that the characters do what no thinking human being would, and my BS sensor goes off, and I can't even tolerate watching them. Well, with this one, it was very realistic to me (which made it more horrifying.) First off, the way Ice T reacted - how first he ran like a maniac, then circled back. Some people watching would think, "Oh, I woulda done THIS..." but, in this case, given a real reaction - he ISN'T thinking. He is completely terrorized and his brain has shut down to flight or fight, and he runs. From that point on, his reactions throughout the movie are plausable, and to me that is excellent. These movies where people fall off cliffs and live through it, or come back from the dead after exploding, or kill 400 people and never get hurt - oh, I know - it's all entertainment, and you are supposed to take it with a grain of salt, but it pretty much says, "the audience is stupid and will accept anything that looks fantastic." This movie had none of the BS. I loved the scene, too, Mr. Hauer, where your eyes are reflecting red and you look like the devil himself. You ARE evil. Very, very good, I was quite pleased. I'm sure you were holding your breath in anticipation, fearing my displeasure, eh? ;) God knows, my opinion is one you should hold in high regard! heeheeheeheehee! Ah, well. There it is.'' Tori

''I actually WON this on an auction. I had never seen it. Good movie. Ice-T is always a refreshing surprise. As for the always interesting Mr. Hauer, he was, as always, a shockingly good bad guy. Ah, the soft-spoken, polite Mr. Burns. I've watched Hollywood bad guys come and go for decades. Handsome, polite, soft-spoken hero-types make the best bad guys of all because they are so out of character for the stereotype of the bad guy. We all want them to act the part of their looks. They so often do. When they are really evil, naasssty types, they are far scarier and deadlier. How can we ever trust our hero stereotypes again? Oh my! We are crushed, frightened, off balance and left empty with shock. When "Horrible Handsome Harry," er, "Hauer" gets it in the end, we "tsk, tsk", nod with agreement and really wish he had been redeemable. Oh well, that's show biz. Next movie. I doubt that I'll ever see the our fearless leader in the good guy role again. Good guy roles - gone with the wind. P.S. I know, I know; I'm just being an incurable ole sentimentalist and romantic.'' Yvonne

''Every time a film rolls down in these unfolding pages I intend to write something about and i never get to it. I will try to so so and keep it up. The story of "SURVIVING THE GAME" is not new.I have not seen the other films it was based on.It is a survival story of one man. ICE T's character is a homeless young man who is seduced and chosen by a wild jungle tour operator who organizes games for the very rich few. He is told to make some serious money for once in his life.The truth is different. The game is a hunt. A man will be hunted and the hunter who nails him first will win the big prize. The prize being the kill of the hunted. What a nasty and cruel story.A mans game. A menhunt. The homeless - again - chosen because noone will miss him quickly or dearly and noone who would will be believed. It is a story which I found to be one of the most cruelling. Fascinating to work on such sinister and cynic material. I take great great pleasure and pride in trying to make these characters as sinister as possible and my joy in doing so may just add another touch. I happen to believe that I know parts of the devil so to speak and I dig creatively for space, size and room to get the wings out .One of the other joys that was within reach reading the script that the leader of this nasty pack of men needed to be quick, flexible and in charge and in my talks to the director I was able to convince him - small detail as it may be - that he should ride a crossbike rather than a quad. It gave him his "brand" in wider shots and gave me the possibility to ride the Kawasaki twin-cylindre 650 which is a bike I have owned and know how to ride. I also felt that the bike has a flavour of the iron horse which sort of reminds me of freedom and knights on horseback, I also felt he needed to guard his hunters rather than lead them. Like fathering them. Only when necessary would he come in to re-direct or give them more clues. In the script all the hunters at some point get corrected by him. He needed a sense of respect from these men - and let's be fair - they were all born killers. My challenge was to mentally control them by cleverness and dark power. This was my goal. And that was the more difficult task. In the story the big surprise is that the poor homeless man outwits them all. A lovely blindside which Mr Burns does not quite anticipate. But even then he still likes the game. And this is when the game is long over. I made Mr Burns still wear glasses which turns out to be a vulnerable side and metaphore. He is a master of disguise. Just like the devil. He does not wear his horns on his sleeve. He is a very quick thinker. He has a talking parrot as company in his office. Longish ponytail. A love for exotic butterflies. Dead of course. Great love for nature's seasons and laws. Deep hate in the human race. Humans are all for sale. Pathetic. He developes a growing respect and bond with his victim. Mostly because of his surprising talents to survive. His partner in this operations does have a part of his lonely cold heart. And things shift to serious after he gets killed. In the film then the homeless literally rises from the ashes. That Mr Burns flies a twin engine plane and rides his motorcycle to work seemed to make sense. When Burns is cornered at the end and escapes it appealed to me to let him take on the black hood of the church rather than an army uniform. An idea that came to me from early westerns. In a weird way he is a family man to his hunters and he cooks their dinner. Plays chess. Drinks good wine or hard liquor. The one thing I had the best of fun with was that there is a moment in the story where two hunters are left. In the night Burns decides to wait out how they will possibly finish each other off since they are now the last competitors. In order to do this he decides to hide. Literally close to the eyes if one could see well enough. There was a marine advisor and from talking to him he had mentioned that the art of "dissappearing" was part of the best tools to melt into the terrain. When we were shooting in a location where the "war" between the mentioned men would take place I saw a dead bush. Almost 6ft high and I asked him if he could teach me how to - on camera - make Burns dissolve. He said he could. I asked de director who loved it. Another sweet visual way to say that evil can be hiding anywhere. Great great detail. Immensely powerful. I think.'' Rutger

''Oh Rutger I loved Surviving. Nasty evil that gets its due. This filmmade me an Ice T fan.
You are right about the camouflage scenes being the best.
I love watching for your eyes to pop out of that bush.
I was hoping that would be in the scenes.
Take care with all your travels.''

''Surviving the Game!... Oh I know this movie very well! I 've seen it many times and i have it ;It's part of my wonderful collection of Rutger Hauer movies. It is a Terrific film;and when I use this word i'm not thinking about the intensity of it as a thriller. It is Terrific because of the cast and the script. The action and the direction of the movies is amazing good too and the photography!... Wow! But all the thriller Is Fantastic .The story is perfect . I don't like to talk about the movies I see revealing too many details about it. I like to speak about the emotions a movie can give me.This way i can talk without spoiling the fun of the viwers. About Surviving the Game I can say it is a really good movie. I love it each time i see it! Rutger is PERFECT there and all the others are.'' Maria

''Yes Yes! It s one of my favourite movies and Rutger is really great there! I must see this movie again but I remember all very well I like ICE T and all the other actors sorry I don't remember all the names, but i know them all and they are all so Cool!
GREAT movie, thanks for the update Webmasters because this way I can remember better!'' Temper

''Yes Maria I totally agree. This movie has a great cast and script. The story also makes you think a lot. Excellent movie.'' Deb

''Thanks for your insight on the new film tribute Rutger, it's an intricate and cleverly created movie - and scary.'' Aoife

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