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"In the mists of Avalon "

''I like "Merlin" movie greatly. "Hallmark" did a great job of it. I've learned from papers that Hauer was granted the British citizenship for the role of Vortigern. (By the way I first thought that he would have made much more astounding Merlin than Sam Nail's but after I read about Vortigern I changed the opinion). The historical character in question was an interesting guy. First, he was the leader of the Angles and the Romans' ally. Vortigern was given the title of Dux Bellorum - 'war leader' - which made him equal to the general of Praetorians in rank. And more than that, he managed to marry the patrician daughter who was distantly related to the Caesar August. To make it more clear it was like if Chelsea Clinton would marry some African prince. Vortigern had to have got a great charisma to charm the humored Roman girl, to my guess. (or either she had to be partial to barbarians and tired of poshy young men she used to see around) But they didn't live happily hereafter for long. She died and a poisoning was suspected. You see, Vortigern badly needed the alliance with the tribes of the Picktes, who otherwise would have flooded his lands. In a month after his marriage he was betrayed by the new relatives during the negotiations and slaught sleeping in the Stonehedge as well as most of his people were. It was called the Long Knives Night. As you see it was a bit too far from Uthar and Arthur but much closer to the character Hauer created! Anyway, he is special about playing such guys! All my friends who watched the movie agreed that it lost its tempo and intrigue after Vortigern was killed in action. I also like an episode when the witch asked him is it the love affair that prevents him from sacrifying the hostage lady to the dragon. and there comes a moment of hesitations. i agree that the Dark Ages are poorly witnessed and the episode above would have driven the plot quite the opposite way. By the way, 'Deadlock' and 'A Breed Apart' will be on Russian TV next week. Looking forward and all like that. I can spare my collection VHS cassettes!'' Ann

''Well, I like Merlin a lot. But I like it because of Rutger Hauer's presence there. His talent gives to any movie he is in,the real transformation Art gives to everything. I've been a fan of Rutger Hauer's work since his first movies. I remember all those wonderfull hours I spent watching the powerful stories and his magical way to express such different characters. And I'm grateful, because in all those films he made,I have found many reasons to think about the cinema has the maximum expression of life. Cinema is a great art. Rutger Hauer is a great artist. I still watch his movies with the same emotion and the same joy as ever. Thank you Mr. Rutger Hauer.I really like your Vortingen!'' Maria

''Yeah, my girl rocked in this movie, did she not?'' MissyHauer

''Hi MissyHauer! Yes;Miranda Richardson is beautiful and she is a very good actress!I like her a lot and i'm her fan too.
We both have good taste on actors!
We love Rutger Hauer too! Long life to Lord Vortingen !
Yes, that Lady rocked well!....'' Maria

''Hello, MissyHauer! Nice to meet another member of the club. What is your top 3 of Rutger's movies? If you get Merlin, it is worth every cent you'll pay for it.
By the way I always wondered why they didn't take hauer for Merlin.
Sam Neil is OK but he looks so modern, may be... while Merlin must have something hypnotic about his gaze.''

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