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"In the mists of Avalon"

''Merlin, another magical movie!... With a wonderfull story and a beautifull photografy, the crew it's really something. And Vortigen!.... Well Vortingen is like Rutger said:- "Vortigen, the character I play, it's a big king, he's been king for 25 years and he has no qualms about it; in those times you didn't become a king by voting, you become a king by grabbing the crown!... I hate acting when I see it. I don't want to see it, I don't want to feel it. I want to be taken away with the story. I don't want the actor's ego in front of me.That's why I try to live when I do the work". I love Merlin. It has it all. And Vortigen?.... Well, the King is alive. Yes, Mr. Hauer to see it's a spectator job. And we all can see your crown!'' Maria

''Hi It is awhile since I watched this film - and having watched the new GB link I will have to do so again. There have been many films about Merlin and King Arthur - I love watching these sort of films. The part of Lord Vortigern - played by Rutger was quite interesting - and as usual was brilliant. I wondered at the time about the tower that he was having built - just how many times it was actually built ! I lost count of the times it fell down - lol. Helena Bonham Carter as Morgan Le Fey was really good - she is a great actress. I hope to watch this again in the very near future.'' Diana

''It's one of my favorite Rutger Hauer movies. The film shows us a wonderfull tale about one of the most beautiful Ancient Myths:King's Arthur. The male performances are all very good,but from my point of view,the best performance is Rutger Hauer's.Vortingen. A powerfull King who doesn't believe in nothing but himself. He is not a fool and knows when to listen or to cut a throat... Rutger Hauer makes us see him in a very clear way. I like Isabella Rosselini a lot too. For me Rutger and Isabella are the best caracter's there. Merlin is presented in a mythical context and includes computerized special amazing effects.'' Maria

''I have been watching Merlin this evening and enjoyed it very much. This is my third viewing, spaced over a couple of years. Although Rutger does not have a very long part in the film, as I mentioned the other day, he is as usual brilliant. The castle he is having built only falls down twice but it does seem a rather stupid place to build it - right on the edge ! I love the special effects - not too over the top - it is a film that all the family can watch (even though my Son did not join me this evening ) even my Husband was watching bits of it . I loved the dragon - I quite like them really.'' Diana

''I taped Merlin when it was first aired. Mum teaches the Artherian legend to her students, so she was very interested to see the story told in a different way, following Merlin. I think it is a wonderful movie, looking at the world in a very different way, yet in a way that everyone is familiar with. I have always enjoyed it, and it is one of the few movies that almost everyone in my family, and we're a big family, will sit down and watch. Even my Pop stayed away for it, now that's saying something! Can anyone tell me, I think the dragon was actually built by the Jim Henson creature shop, and then shipped out for filming. Does anyone know? I know parts of it were computerized, but I think part of it was muppet as well.'' Troll

''It's quite some time since I watched "Merlin". From what I remember, it was enjoyable but I felt it was a tad over-long. I was disappointed that Rutger left so soon. It was all too brief I'm afraid and my interest waned after his departure. I'm not sure that Sam Neill playing Merlin was the right choice. Miranda, needless to say, was excellent as usual. As I mentioned in the MB before, I would have preferred Rutger to have played this role with a real evil slant, which Rutger is well capable of as we all well know. These people ruled with terror. They took the circlet by force and held it the same way. As Rutger rightly says, the Dark Age wasn't documented so there is very little to draw on. Most accounts were written a couple of centuries later with knowledge that was handed down and embellished by the storyteller, so it's anybody's guess what was near to reality. I suppose the best account of what life was like in that era in Britain was the Venerable St Bede's "Ecclesiastical History of the English People". Other accounts which are widely drawn on are the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles, Nennius's "Historia Britonum" written in the 8th century, and Geoffrey of Monmouth's "History of the Kings of Britain" and "Prophecies of Merlin" both written in the 12th century. Gail/Nessie: your question regarding the tower falling down: There are several versions of this "event", all changing slightly over the centuries, along with the characters, but basically the story goes that there was a boy (Merlin) who prophesised the defeat of the Britons by the Saxons. This boy was said to have also refuted the Druids of Vortigern when they were trying to rebuild Vortigern's tower which kept collapsing. The Druids believed that the foundations would only be strong if they were sealed by the blood of a fatherless child. Merlin was believed to have had no father, but was fathered by the Devil himself, which they thought gave him his mysterious knowledge, so they thought he would be ideal for this sacrifice. Merlin saved his own life by telling them that the tower wouldn't stand because they were trying to build it on top of two dragons fighting, one red and one white, depicting the constant fighting between Britons and Saxons. Vortigern was so delighted with the boy's prophecies that Merlin was reprieved. I usually watch these productions with trepidation as a number of past "Dark Age" dramatisations are littered with mediaeval interpretations and warriors clad in 15th century plate armour. Thankfully this one was more realistic. And don't you just hate it, Rutger, when your sword snaps off right at the crucial moment!'' Corinne

''Wow, what to say about Merlin. A great cast, I just love it! Its been some time for me too but I do like Sam Neill and never get sick of saying how wonderful Miranda Richardson is I have to admit though the first time I saw this I couldn't stop laughing at Hauerbear's english accent, took abit of getting used too!
Top acting all round though.''

''This is what I like about the tributes in this site. They usually present at least one or more of the moments that I would freeze the vcr to view just a bit longer. Mr. Hauer gives us those "looks" that just require it. His Merlin character "Vortigen" offered us plenty of those. I loved the part of the tower falling too. But it was Mr. Hauer's "look" as shown in one of the tribute pictures that made that portion of the movie so humorous. Another one I loved was when the "witch" (the one with purple and black hair) had kneeled before "Vortigen" when he was sitting on the throne in the castle. I loved the look on his face as shown in the tribute. I just wish we could have seen a full front view of his face in this one. Priceless. Also thought he did look so much the King in full armor on those horses. Very powerful and imposing. Loved this movie, but, I'm also one that, when Mr. Hauer's role ends, so does the movie. And you know, since I hate for him to die in any of his movies, gonna have to have a sequal to this one too. Can't keep a great King down you know.'' Judy

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