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"When sun and moon are one"

''Some people (the most critic ones) ask me why do I like the movie,because the soundtrack is not so good.
I usually tell them that the movie has so many perfect things and the beauty of all is so complete that I dont even know if I hear the music.
For me its one of the most beautiful Rutger Hauer movies.'' Maria

''Hi Maria. I have never really heard what the music is like in this film - I've always been too keen on watching it!
For me - unless a film - any film - has very good music I tend to ignor it. This will always be a favouret Rutger film for me - I love romance and historical films.'' Diana

''Ladyhawke has always been my favourite, especially the daybreak scene when Navarre and Isabeau become human for an infinite moment in time, it tugs my heart!'' Aiofe

''It's unfortunate that the music was so bad - no, terrible lol...but one of my favourite scenes is the one when the boy named the hawk "Ladyhawke" the first time.
Rutger then "Ladyhawk???" and smiled - I think it was the first time in the movie he smiled... and what's great too is black dressed Rutger on a black horse with his blonde hair...such a nice contrast.'' Snowflake

''Most definitely Maria! Rutger has the right look, movement, voice, and insight in how to turn women on as he is a natural with just being romantic.'' Starry

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