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"When sun and moon are one"

''Funny, I haven't seen the movie for years, but I remember every little bit you all have mentioned...including the bad music. But, like most of the others, I easily ignored it in favor of watching the Blond God doing his thing.
2. I just thought Matthew Broderick was being his silly (at that time) self. If anything, it seemed as if he didn't know how to behave in Etienne's presence. Fear, awe....
3. The horse was gorgeous, as was its rider (who, I've noticed, rides beautifully)
4. Favorite line...I have to go with Minty on this one....every moment you spend with her I envy be loved like that (yes, I know it's just a movie, but....)
5. Yep, hubby has a crossbow (they look so cool), I bought his online.
6. Michelle Pfeiffer is great, at least I thought so until I read her opinion about this movie.
7. Totally believable....Rutger IS a great actor.
8. That bishop deserved that and more!!
Altogether great and original storyline. It should definately gotten more recognition!!'' Candy

''Yes, I will always remember LadyHawke as well as I do Blade Runner. Rutger was AWESOME!
1. The Soundtrack .. I have never thought it was that bad. I have the CD and when I listen to it, I remember favorite scenes from the film. 2. Matthew B. was really young when LadyHawke was made. I think what you see is a degree of awe from him as he plays the part of Phillipe. I didn't pick up on flirtation and I am sure Rutger would not have tolerated anything of that sort.
3. Rutger grew up in the land of horses like Goliath. Friesian horses come from his country and home. He has always been adept at horseback riding and at one point owned a horse of his own, much like Goliath.
4. I also loved the "I believe in dreams" line. I also liked Isabeau's line, "I am sorrow".
5. Any store that sells Archery equipment would carry crossbows. Sometimes you see them in pawn shops as well. I suppose one could harbor a dagger, but I have never seen one that does, personally.
6. I am not a Michelle Pheiffer fan. I watched her on a talk show telling about how "stupid" a film she thought LadyHawke was. I didn't even know who the hell she was until LadyHawke!
7. Yes, Rutger and Michelle had little actual filming time together. Not so tricky when you consider that while he was wolf, she was human and vice versa. Her loss I think, even though the film was written as such.
8. I loved the scene at the end with the Bishop! I though he was a bastard the whole time!
9. I agree that it should have received more recogition. Such a magical, mythical piece of art!
A bit of trivia, Kurt Russell was slated to play Navarre and backed out just before filming began. Rutger got the call from the Director then and immediately packed his motorhome and headed for Italy. Somehow I can't picture Kurt coming close to the magnetism and charisma that Rutger lent to the film!'' Jan

'' I have nothing against kurt russel, but I'm so glad that he have not made Ladyhawke. That movie has been made for Rutger Hauer ! Just love it!'' Maria

''Jan, you know so much more on this subject than I. Thanks for all the info! Especially on the Fresian horses. I've never heard of them. I thought the white one was Arabian and the black was Belgian.
Here's one more question I have about the film for anyone. One of my favorite parts is Etienne screaming out his fury and loss in the daybreak scene. That's quite a roar. Now, I know Michelle's squawking got some kind of sound over treatment, but what about that yell?'' Loralei

''Normally I am not so much in this sort of films...too sweet for me. but this one is, since years, an exeption of the rule for me. and yes, Jan, I am sure it's because a lucky hand does this film with rutger and not with kurt russell. so this film became a very special thing. a special mood...a authenticity, a felt truth it never had reached with russell(whom i by all means admire as an actor). so it becomes not an arbitrary fairy or fantasy film. two very good actors together, who were laying the same intensitvity in their roles like rutger and michelle pfeiffer did, can reach that a film becomes not only one under tausands...but rather a singular, unique piece at the end. A really good film i can watch again and again and again.... and by the way...i dearly like that so much filmthreads are started now and will be in future.'' Nax

''Yes Jan. The Fresian horses were definitely FROM the Netherlands. There was a special on National Graphic on tv on this gorgeous breed.
Didn't Rutger own one at one time? Or am I imagining things???
I thought he said he did. May even still have one. Rutger looks like a 'dream Prince" on that beautiful horse. But then, Rutger looks like a 'dream Prince NOT on the horse...or anywhere for that matter.'' Nessie Gail

''I liked the part where Phillpe is shivering and cold and going on and on about food. Reminds me a bit of "The Hobbit".
I also like the part where he says, "I know God, I swore, never again! But I also know that you know what a weak willed person I am."
He was a kick.''

''Hi Jan nice to see ya, so it takes Navarre to bring ya outta hiding eh? LOL I never even thought about the soundtrack when I first saw this film but I do think it is funny.
I like Kurt Russell and I do think he has a certain charisma but not for the role of Navarre. He couldn't pull it off like Rutger, not a patch on HauerBear.'' Minty

''Hi Jan. Yes I agree with you about the music in Ladyhawke, although, fortunately for me, it just blends with the film and not over power it -and to me magnetism and Kurt Russell dont seem to go together! I like Kurt Russell - he has been in some pretty good films - but Rutger made that film 'his own' It is a really lovely film.'' Diana

''One of my absolute favorites as well Loralei! The horse (Goliath) was so magestic looking in appearance...what a gorgeous horse...and handsome Rutger aboard...oh I get dreamy just thinking about that movie!'' Starry

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