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"When sun and moon are one"

''I saw Ladyhawke for the first time what a movie! (didn't much care for the soundtrack though).'' Reaven

''Yep...must own up. I've viewed Ladyhawke many times and I still cannot remember that soundtrack! One of my fave films.'' Midnight

''I adore Ladyhawke - just adore that movie. But, it has a most unfortunate technotronic-like soundtrack.
I just try to block it out, sometimes with success. I was so happy to find Ladyhawke on DVD - now I no longer have to worry about wearing out my video tape!'' Wiggleworm

''I agree! I was ery disappointed in the soundtrack, especially since I am a fan of Alan Parsons. They could have done better.'' The Rodent

''You know, I watched Ladyhawke many times before I even took notice of the sound track. And then that is only because people kept saying it didn't suit. So I watched and listened and no it doesn't go all that well with this film. But its not that bad either. I've heard worse mismatched soundtracks lol.As I say though, I pay it little attention.'' Minty

''I hadn't watched LadyHawke in a long time. Does anyone even remember that film? Well, I recently watched it again and here are some thoughts it stirred up.
1. The synthesizers really don't work do they? At least not in 2003. I was actually mortified to find myself laughing at the scenes where they got all synthed out. I mean this was one of my favorites, at least when I was in my teens anyway.
2. Did anyone notice Matthew Broderick being a bit flirty with Rutger, or is this just his style? I mean, nothing against Mr. Broderick, I am sure there are plenty of men who are awed in Rutger's presence.
3. Goliath- what a horse. And combine Goliath with Rutger and you have something of mythic proportions- like a centaur. I wonder what sort of training he had to have to ride him.
4. Favorite line- "I believe in dreams"... at which point I find myself saying, "mmmm... so do I!"
5. Crossbow- look at that thing, it's magnificent- does a dagger really habor inside it as well? What a cool weapon. Wonder where I could find one of those. Anyone?
6. I knew Michelle Pfeiffer would go on to bigger and better things.
7. So, Isobol and Navarre, supposed to be in complete love and the actors probably never even saw each other on the set, except for one scene. That had to have been tricky to have pulled off, but it works quite well at the end anyway.
8. Have to tell you, when the bishop bites it in the end, one time in the theater someone got the giggles and it took up across the room. It was just the mood I guess.
9. Still one of my favorite films. I think it should have got more recognition.'' Loralei

''LMAO Broderick getting flirty with Hauerbear heeheehee that tickles alot! Can't say I'd noticed no. Last time I saw this film was alfresco on a clear night in Italy. Watching Mars on the move way back in june. I have two fave lines. One delivered by Broderick where he says "no offense but I talk to God all the time and he never mentioned you" LOL and Navarre's "every moment you spend with her I envy you"'' Minty

''As far as Ladyhawke goes, the scene of Etienne, as the black wolf falling through the ice makes me cry every time. And when dawn comes and the wolf puts up his paw as he is lieng sleeping, and the paw turns into a hand, just as the sun comes up and Isabeau almost reaches out to touch him and you hear the hawke sound as she flies up in the sunlight with her tethers still hanging.'' Nessie Gail

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