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The Hitcher              
                                                         Page #6

"You're smart, you'll figure it out!"

''I noticed the ring the first time I saw "Hitcher". My thoughts were that maybe he'd lost his family somehow, then lost his mind...
This movie is where I fell madly in love with Rutger, (I was also terrified of him!). Didn't notice the gray tint in the hair, tho. Maybe that's what gave him that "glow"!
Anyway, haven't visited in a while, wanted to say "Hi" to you all.'' Donna

''Women always notice wedding rings on men who look like the Hitcher, on or off the screeen. As if the Hitcher's fans wouldn't notice, well, everything.'' Yvonne

''Probably way off base.. when I first saw The Hitcher, I thought it may have had something to do with father and son. Or what he thought could be ... Shadow

''Hello - About the Hitcher Rita, I believe the issue of the wedding bandwas discussed in Views from Viewers. Whether the killer had lost his family, which subsequently drove him crazy -- or did he get it as a momento from a previous killing as a lot of serial killers tend to keep "trophies". Very interesting.'' RedDragon

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