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The Hitcher              
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"You're smart, you'll figure it out!"

''Just watched The Hitcher on DVD again and felt the need to mention something. Maybe it's been mentioned several times and, if so, I apologize. Right...what I find absolutely mind blowing and intriging about this film, giving it (in my view) another dimension altogether is one tiny little thing....John Ryder's wedding ring. For me it adds so much depth to the story/film, which goes way beyond a simple 'thriller' or 'horror' film. Makes me imagine what drove Ryder into a life of serial killing and his violent and desperate plead for it to end. Could his wife pehaps died in a car crash which was not her fault and he was so heartbroken that it made him insane? My mind boggles lol...By the way, was Ryder's wedding ring your idea, Mr. Hauer? A great film and an amazing performance!!!!'' Rita

''Hi Rita - I had always thought that the ring worn by John Ryder in Hitcher was Mr Hauer's own wedding ring.
Perhaps this could be confirmed one way or another sometime please.''


''Rita! Interesting thought. I never noticed the ring my self... , but then I´ve only seen it once... Excuses, excuses...
Sounds like it could be one of Rutger´s small additions to give the audience - those who pay extra attention that is - something extra to think about. Right Rutger?'' Tone

''Ahh, Johnny Boy… the mention of his name brings me out of hibernation! I too have always been of the opinion that the ring was Rutger's own wedding ring.
But, of course it could just be yet another of the multitude of red herrings Rutger likes to throw into the ring (no pun intended!) or arena.
All the more interesting for us to mull over during a coffee break.''

''I'm with you Diana, I've always assumed it was the Bear's own band of Gold.....and that he can't take it off...'' Minty

''I agree with Diana and Minty - that wedding ring is Rutger's own.''

''Dear visitor and Rita 2. I had to smile because you were so observant. I think - ofcourse - that John Ryder is just a fake name and the wedding ring might be that as well. Who knows. I had some fun not taking it off. Thought few people would know and thought she must have left a while ago and there's just that little touch of still having some connection to what once maybe was good. Other small thing was that I had my hair died a tint of grey for the part. Noone ever noticed. Which is fine. But fun 2.'' Rutger

''Nope, sorry, but I think John Ryder was his real name. I mean… Clarence Winterbottom just doesn't have the same ring to it, does it.And as for the hair, I always thought it looked more sun-bleached than grey. Never noticed the false teeth though.
Still, it just goes to show that as with any masterpiece, there's always another tiny detail waiting to be discovered.'' Corinne

''Sorry Rutger - our Guru, but I have to agree with Corinne. I think his name really WAS John Ryder.
I have a feeling he would have faked it to anyone else, BUT the kid...
I did notice the hair though...''

''Gotta disagree woth our Corinne and Tone though I do think J. Ryderwas a fake name, did from the start, I mean Ryder when he's hitching lol, an innocent hitcher would've used their real un I reckon. Anyhow just my opinion.''


''I also think his name was Ryder--and I'll tell my theory. The artist who painted THE FLYING DUTCHMAN was named Ryder (Albert not John) and some reviewers suggest that the real key to understanding THE HITCHER is to know the story of the Flying Dutchman. I don't really know about that, what do you think? Instead of a ship on the ocean it is Ryder sailing along in the desert.'' BarbaraG

''Oh, I forgot to mention that I don't think that he came from Disneyland, lol!'' BarbaraG

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