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The Hitcher              
                                                         Page #4

"You're smart, you'll figure it out!"

''Funny Ryder poem Nats [hugs] but look what you've inspired me to do... and twice!! LOL xxx......#1: There once was a man called John Ryder\whos deadly motive is a non-decider\Though his adorable grin\ Hides a dark soul within\Every woman still wants him beside her!\ Heehee the next one isn't much better *smirk*.......#2: There once was a man known as 'The Hitcher'\ Whom you just know is going to gitchya\As his 'roadkill' or with his charm\ You're destined to come to great harm\ Sooo give him a lift or.....get the picture?\ Okay yeah they need alot of work! Maybe over a Guinness, ho ho ho.'' Sarah

''Hitcher poetry, eh? Well, here goes. // John Ryder is a handsome man / A lonely look in his eye / But if you have any sense at all / Speed up to pass him by. //// He might give you a cuddle / in some road side motel bed / A lady may even feel safe and warm / 'til she wakes up with no head. //// So if you think to change his ways / with warm muffins, tea, and butter / your last sight will be his pale blue eyes / as your heart begins to flutter. //// Off comes your arm, off comes your leg / Off comes your feet, your hands, your head / He couldn't find his pocket knife / He used your butter knife, instead.'' The Rodent

''Hi all! Hitcher poems eh? Here's another one to make you all groan ..... Ryder was a killer As his victims clearly saw, Hitchin’ up and down the highway He’d always stop for more, Until along came young Jim Halsey Who was driven round the bend But he had the staying power To last until the end Alas, no more hitchin’ on the highway For Ryder and his lust, Only his coat survived the battle As he finally bit the dust! Hope you're all enjoying the weekend.'' Corinne

''Ah poetry, for want of a more accurate description ;~) There once was a kid named Jim Halsey\who was everything except ballsy\ He wastaunted so well\ By the hitcher from hell\ who made all of our skins crawlsy! LOL.
Yes I know don't tell me but how many words do you know which rhyme with Halsey? ;~))) Nice one Corinne''

''Sarah: what do you mean there aren’t many words which rhyme with Halsey? Here are some suggestions for your next poem: Callsy, for all the times he used the phone. Fallsy, for all the times he was on the floor. Gallsy, for all the boldness he acquired as the chase went on. Mallsy, maybe Jim worked in one before taking the drive-away. Tallsy, because Ryder was twice Jim’s size, and Wallsy, for the chipolata he thought he was eating which turned out to be a finger. Endless possibilities …'' Corinne

''Nice to read all your Hitcher poems; at the same time I wonder how can mass murderers and crazy men be so much inspiring in writing poems? I'd write another one if I could..on a dark desert highway a killer on the loose, a killer so mean and cruel you could not choose to run away from him once he has his eyes fixed on you, then figure out what to do.. you can't since it's just the death potion you drank as his way crossed your path and never think about such things when you're in steely knife flashing in the light of a bathroom lightbulb..and bathtubs painted bright..with reddish color of your own life blood, but no, just forget these things for good, and have a good night sleep so you won't end up becoming a freak with crazy thought in his head, just forget all about it instead. Ok, this is not a poem, just something that I wrote..Have a good next week!'' O'Cider

''I'm lousy at making up rhymes so please forgive me for adding this my sad offering of a HITCHER rhyme.-------Beware of the handsome STRANGER/looking for a HITCH/You might be in mortal DANGER/And end up in some DITCH./for behind the hitcher's cheeky GRIN/Lurks a life thats full of SIN/An horrific spree of murder so vicious and VILE/Of families and people now dead,taken in by his SMILE/Little did the young driver realise that a terrible blood spilling nightmare was about to UNFOLD/Of a fiend who seems unstoppable yet wants to die,makes your blood run COLD/Jim Halsey will become the unsung hero of the STORY/After a ride so horrific and GORY/So be careful when out driving if a Raincoated man you SPOT/Who's looking for a ride,and carry sraight on -better not STOP.'' Linda T

''Hi darlings. You know how to make a person feel welcome. About the Hitcher place. After viewing the additions, wanna say. Sweet. A ring mentioned in a poem? And ta taaa, given ring flashing from a picture. Comment about the funny side of things? Accompanied with Ruts face, saying it all, as his character fights the laughter. That scene! He wants to burst into laughs, but no, he won't - almost feels sorry for his rival, instead. Mad but not stupid. Everything is wonderfully twisted here and miles away from your classical good versus evil film, a new sort of cat and mouse chase. I always laughed at that restaurant table scene, seduced by the wit in the words, and more, in his eyes, his body-talk, feeling really guilty, you know, like, let's feel sorry for the victim here, for the good guy. Psycho's sense for humour works wonderfully in his own evil way. Ryder knows he's (not only) physically superior to your man and always a step ahead, so he can afford to enjoy the irony of the whole situation. His sarcasm just as cruel as it should be, it's perfectly acted, dark piece of cinematography and if it didn't scare/disturb you to realise you actually fancy that sarcastic, sadistic bastard, then you've seen some other film. /Thanks guys for the way you arranged the Hitcher page, it's in the details like that, that one can see the careful thought that went into building of the whole Rutgers site, and it is obviously no coincidence the place is so good. /// On a different tune, sun just won't shine on us over here, risk of floods - really bad weather is on the menu again, we might be left without the electricity, (and me cut off from you darlings, sitting in the candlelight icon). We can only hope...'' NNFT

''Hey Nats, sweet nutkins (lol) you're talking about my fave hitcher scene there in the cafe. There is so much in it. I think at that point Ryder has forgotten about his own personal torment as he's having so much fun with his chosen mouse. He's in full psycho mode!'' Sarah

''Hello Rutger and webmaster.Nice additon to the Hitcher.It is very smart making,because the pictures are matching the articles.If you read the posts and see the pics,well I like it that way.Anyway,I like stills numbers 33 to 36,it is from resturant,when the boy wanted to shoot ane John said "it is emtpy"and boy said sure and John said "boom"and boy begun to shoot,but empty.And that moment I love the John's smile.It is incredible.Just make slow motion in this part you will see how good is Rutger with his face working.I think I am going to see this movie again.'' Eva

''Regarding The Hitcher:there's a scene in Spielberg's greatest film, Duel, where tortured Dennis Weaver says something like you're just going along in your life, when all of a sudden you're back in the jungle. Like Duel, The Hitcher will someday be regarded as a true Classic: superb music score and RH is magnificent. My 2nd fav after Holy Drinker--the same actor played both parts. Boy! The Diner scene is fantastic; RH's killer eyes, expressions are wonderful. A brutal, searing film noir experience. Love it.'' Christine

''Another fav scene--Ryder lying beside poor JJLeigh w/that incredible facial expression almost pleading.'' Christine

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