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The Hitcher              
                                                         Page #3

"You're smart, you'll figure it out!"

''Minty - Agree entirely that the enigma of the Hitcher's past is important and if we knew where he came from and who he was it'd be a much poorer film; you are right that it's not an option for Hitcher II to be Halsey taking over where Ryder left off because we know his past already - no intrigue. Tori - liked your precis - much clearer than I was! Also liked Lisa's reference to Ryder being physically ill - all the sweating following the sneezing and shivering - was he human or wasn't he? He had some very human cravings, a cute sense of humour and I understood exactly what the other Mo said about wanting to give him tea and a hug: how the hell did Rutger create a character who was so genuinely demonic and scary but at the same time with an 'ahh' factor normally reserved for abandoned puppy dogs? Looking forward to hearing your own spin on this film Rutger!'' Mo

''Hi Mo A. heehee I think ya misunderstood me hon but it doesn't matter LOL. I was saying or meaning anyway that one possibility for a sequel would be for Halsey to take over where Ryder left off... A sequel however its done, by its very nature wouldn't be as good as the first film since there's not so much mystery and (biased fan icon, LOL)no Hauerbear ;~) I guess a second film with an apparently mad hitcher from nowhere who isn't Halsey, would have the same mystery but well we've seen it already in the original. Gawd I'm waffling! LOL.I'm finding it really interesting to read everybodys different ideas about The Hitcher. Of course nobody is right or wrong because we just don't know do we, and never will. Las I liked your notion of Ryder being terminally ill and wanting somebody to do what he himself hasn't got the balls to do LOL xxx I do strongly believe that Ryder is a tortured soul though but I can't decide why. Whether its something from his past taunting him or whether there is constant conflict going on inside him ;~) He has reasons for doing what he is doing but a part of him knows its wrong, to take innocent lives and in such violent ways. So he's a bit torn maybe. If so then I feel abit sorry for him and I'd shoot him myself ;~) LOL! O'Cider you should be able to find The Hitcher on in both dvd and vhs formats or if you keep an eye out on Ebay it'll pop up there.'' Sarah

''Hi Minty - I don't think I got you wrong exactly but then I think I inferred a bit that wasn't there! Oh well - I'm creative if nothing else! Sorry. I've really enjoyed everybody's Hitcher contributions - good fun in here lately. At MK Rutger said that the Hitcher II was supposedly going into production but without him being included (did I dream that bit Rutger?). It'd certainly be interesting to see how anybody could hope to match the first one without him. I hope they don't try to explain anything away because the whole magic of the film is not knowing anything for sure. So - what RH film do we dissect next? Only a hundred and odd to choose from....'' Mo

''Just a quick thought about The Hitcher (before the debate closes and Rutger tells us we’re all completely barking up the wrong tree). This is regarding Ryder’s “constant sweating” which somebody mentioned in here (can’t recall who that was). I was always under the impression that at the beginning of the film he was drenched in the thunderstorm (so his face was dripping), and for the duration of the film he never removed his overcoat which, in the obvious heat of the geographic location, would probably have caused him to perspire profusely. (Of course, following F&B, I dare say that wearing so many clothes in The Hitcher would have been quite a shock to the system and could have caused the meltdown, eh Rutger!!). Oh, and as regards the wedding ring, I too think that this is Rutger’s own.'' Corinne

''I hadnt added anything to the Hitcher conversation, and I wasnt sure why until this morning...I looked into the eyes of a psychopath only one time, and once was enough. He was on Parole from Huntsville State Prison and admitted to raping and murdering 7 women. Why was he on Parole? I have no idea. I was in charge of a day program for Homeless Mentally Ill persons and he was placed in the program. He walked up to me and said "I could kill you with this coffee pot chord" (he had in his hand). His eyes were dead and cold, his statement was matter of fact. When he knew he had my fear, he seemed to visibly relax and smile. I was always uncomfortable with that character, Rutger, because you did it SO WELL! Psychopaths feed on fear and anger, and it's almost like taking a hit or smoking for them...they relax and it makes them feel better to have control over you. If you cared to dig deep enough, you could come up with the reason, but there isnt any basic humanity left, so knowing why they do what they do doesnt help you work with them. It is indeed a credit to Rutger that he can be such a nice person and play so convincingly as a psychopath.'' Teresa B.

''Yes, thanks for the Hitcher pages and pics. Those images came back to me when I saw the scene pics. What I mostly remember in Hitcher is the dark desert highway and then some other desert scenes.
And the gas station. Then my memory fails me. But I am as sure as **** going to see Hitcher again!''

''My favourite scene is that one in Roy's Cafe between Ryder and Halseywhere Ryder says my fave line in the whole movie.
"You're a smart kid, you figure it out"....
Next thing you know he's gone again!''

''Dear Rutger-- Just trotting out an old poem I did on the "Hitcher" as a homage to your Hitcher site -- love and hugs. THE HITCHER On a dark, wild, rain filled night, when lightening floods the sky.** A killer walks a desert trail with evil in his eyes.** Suddenly the headlights of a lonely car he spies.** And by the road The Hitcher stands, his thumb out for a ride.** His hair is blond, his blue eyes cold, his heart as black as sin.** Windshield wipers slap in time, the driver lets him in.** The Hitcher didn't say much when the driver's throat he sliced.** Because the driver picked him up, she would pay the price.** Like eels, his thoughts twisted, as he watched the driver bleed.** As blood splattered left and right because he felt the need.** The Hitcher drove 'til gas ran out, no victims did he find** So he started walking down a road, his thumb out for a ride.** John Ryder's on a desert road, his thumb out for a ride.'' Shaz

''heehheee - I looked again and lo!
What did I see? This nice-looking and kindly smiling teddy-bear with the most horrific beast you can ever imagine!
Where can I find a similar teddy bear?''

''Ha ha ha. Tell you what. Had the best attention, honestly did, to do some serious work on my (almost serious but not quite) latest story-in-waiting-to-get-some-place, when I got this tickle to go some-place-else and do ahem! a poetic comment on The Hitcher instead– Shaz, I ”blame” this on you, LOL! Giving me ideas of how to escape hard work, LOL. /// John Ryder stole a golden ring/ From a girl he took under his wing/ Her hand now cold and bare. / He wore a long coat/ Smiled wicked smiles/ And dared to dare/ The death for a race/ Of long, dusty miles! /// Some ladies wanted him cured/ With a cup of tee, they purred/ About reasons, offered cuddles/ Sympathy for the poor devil! / Beware, who feels for him / Loses… Evil needs no excuses. / Don’t stop in the rain/ On the highway.'' NNFT

''Hi I enjoyed your entry Nataly - made me laugh.
I think Hitcher is one of these films that can either be taken seriously or one can see the funny side - because if you cant see the funny side it can be toooooo frightning!!!''

''Reaching for a ride with his thumb out at his side/ You better beware the blue-eyed, daring stare/ Drive safely, don’t make bets, take chances or/ Eat with strange men! He’ll dish you digits and without/Regret stretch your very best friend! No tea or you’re toast - no sequel with a ghost!//Not the poem I meant bear, but couldn’t resist playing hehehe! [you can’t see it here but its an acrostic – put the first letter of each line together and it spells RYDER! OK, so I show off from time to time!'' Cazzie

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