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The Hitcher              
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"You're smart, you'll figure it out!"

"Can I give a thought to Mr. Ryder? I think he didn't hurt the family because they didn't expect him too...
I think he was fed off the fear 're afraid of him so he gives you something to be afraid of...treat him normally and he is sweet as sugar...just my thought on it...tell you how I would like to treat him...ah...well...guess I better not go there...might be little eyes out there..." Debi

"Greetings! A somewhat late(ish) addition to "The Hitcher" thingy on my account maybe, but this is so odd, that I don't want to keep it from you any longer. Some of the more /pretentious/wonderfully and ingeniously creative/cold turkey suffering [pick one]/ movie reviewers in Sweden interpreted the movie as a comment to 1) homophobia in our western society, or 2)as a statement about the United States' inclination to learn young men how to use guns and kill people. Well, OK... It's perhaps no wonder that some folks out there find us Swedes rather calm and withdrawn, after all! ; ) On a personal note, I find the beauty of "The Hitcher's" atmospheric cinematography absolutely stunning, and the unexplained mystery and threat of John Ryder and his lacking explanatory (sp?) background to be very mesmerizing indeed. For me, the movie is a grim fantasy or fairy tale, also focusing on giving us, the viewers, our own minor Hell in trying to stich all the various parts and tidbits of information into a whole that logically makes sense. Or doesn't make sense! The biggest bonus is perhaps, in my minds eye at least, that "The Hitcher" is so free in it's style and form." PerPer

"Oooooh not late at all, but is that you PurrPurr?? ;¬) I totally agree with what you said about The Hitcher's cinematography, together with Hauerbear's performance, it gives us the overall 'creep factor'" Sarah

"Can I add my two pennyworth to the Hitcher debate? I always reckoned that John Ryder might have begun in the same way as the kid did; pursued by a similar demon until he became strong enough and soul-less enough to destroy it. But then, because he'd lost his humanity in this process, he actually became the demon he'd tried so hard to destroy. I though the wedding ring was meant to denote that he had once been an ordinary man. At the end of the film, when the kid destroys John Ryder, it seems to be at the expense of his humanity too; he has become an empty, cold-hearted killer like Ryder. I imagined that he might now find that he has become the Hitcher in Rutger's place and must now be another reincarnation of John Ryder until he too becomes too tired to carry on and looks for another victim like himself to whom he can in turn pass on the mantle of Hitcher. It doesn't really matter if anybody's interpretation is 'right' or too fanciful does it? I think it is great that we all get something different from it. I've loved reading everybody's different spins on this and they are all food for thought. It is certainly not any ordinary horror film and I agree that nobody except Rutger could have created this character because he's just so surreal but so 3 dimensional (multi-dimensional even!)and real at the same time." Mo

"About Hitcher,I don't see it scary. There are more violent movies lately. John Ryder is mostly driving in car with gun in hand, he shoot little in the end right.But John protrait psycho,which he wants to get killed.Not too many actors can play that kind of role.
Because of these kind of movies Rutger is writen in people minds like villain.
Just for the authentic Hitcher in conv in Sweden,you should tie your fingers too or bring some fries for snack with some fake finger in it." Eva

"There's been a lot of interesting reading in the GB lately about THE HITCHER.
I have the video,and find it more disturbing every time i watch it.John Ryder looks as though he is never going to die.
He seems superhuman.
RUTGER gives such a convincing performance." Linda T

"Hi PerPer I find the beauty in "The Hitcher" too but I`m horiity any cruel thread in movie. I watched this film many a time and nevertheless I think that nobody who is mentally sound can learn how to use guns and kill people from films.
It must be very much desperate man.
Dear Rutger~, you were splendid as John Ryder!!!" Ewka

"Hi,Bear and GB`s.In my opinion The Hitcher is a kind of Michael Meyers .A bit a demon but still a human being.I can imagine that the film made a hysterical mood to the people who saw it. Maybe they were afraid to pick up roadies or somebody had had the idea for playing a hitcher. Anyway I agree that it´s a very psychotic role and nobody was better for it than Rutger. Perhaps the fact that he is that damn fascinating in such roles never made him a James-Bond-villain. James Bond would never be in the situation to save the world with such an enemy..." Snowflake

"I thought I might add my "view" on the Hitcher....being a young adult when I saw scared me to death....The hitcher seemed not only mentally ill but also physically ill, the sweating, I mean really would a healthy person sweat that much...always felt there was something tragic about him..maybe that he was dying and didnt have the courage to do himself do the suicide by cop thing or by innocent bystander....which ever he could manage. As for the wedding ring...felt that tied into his sense of loss...remember in the hotel room when he laid down with JJL he looked so a life he might have left behind...but then the illness takes over..and she is a human taffy pull.Not much of an opinion....but I may have to pull out my dvd and watch it again this evening....see if it still hits me the same way...." Lisa

''One last thought before I hit the hay. The Hitcher.
I liked the idea someone had - about John Ryder kind of setting the kid up as a hitcher-in-training. Once the kid kills him, he is about as crazy and heartless as the hitcher was himself.
Interesting idea." Tori

"Hi Mo A. I agree with what you said too. I fleetingly wonder, especially in the final scenes of The Hitcher, if Halsey has now become just like the maniac he had to destroy and so will carry on with the killing. In a sequel Halsey would of course be the hitcher picked up by someunsuspecting innocent. Of course it would lack any enigmatic quality as we know Halseys story. It would help if there were flashbacks of Ryder in it LOL! Just to make the viewer remember (like we need a reminder, LOL) that we don't actually know the history of how this all began." Sarah

"Hello everybody. I´ve been following the tense discussion regarding the Hitcher caracter & this is ANOTHER fantastic theory (might resemble some of the others, ops sorry): The Hitcher is a sexually disturbed man. Abused by his Evil Mother during childhood, he grew up hating himself, developing suicidal tendencies. But since Hitcher is a coward, he kills everybody else instead of taking the real step himself. Thanks to Evil Mother, women makes him disgusted; just look at the way he treats the female in the end of the story. So what about young Jim Halsey? Truth is that Hitchy is homosexual, or more correct, women makes him sick. Unfortunately his self-hatred and thwarted emotional status makes him impotent, emotionally and probably even physically. Feelings like love and lust comes out in a violent way, steamed through a filter of self-destruction. He would probably like to kiss young Halsey and give him some flowers instead of hurting him. Halsey doesn´t get very infatuated though, so story ends the other way Hitcher wants it: he gets rid of himself with the help from another. Finito. Yes, constructing theories is fun, but the most fascinating thing with the Hitcher is if he really is evil for No Reason. (why isn´t it fascinating with a hitcher being GOOD for no reason? hmmm) Regarding the mysterious ring, I could almost swear that it belongs to the real mr H, at least it reminded very much of the one we saw in Stockholm. Anyway, thanks for the word. It´s raining in Sweden." Queen Anne

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