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The Hitcher              
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"You're smart, you'll figure it out!"

"I’ve seen the Swedish Convention pics and have my favorite there, of course it has to be John Ryder “loosing it”HELP, HE’S AT IT AGAIN!!!, oh my, the long coat and all. Cool! If they ever had a contest for best looking psycho it would have to be won by the one and only Mr. Hauer. (“If you were to be strangled by a baddie in a movie, would it be A) Dennis Hooper B) Antony Hopkins or C) Rutger Hauer? – eeeeeeeee, let’s see. Let the blonde hunk do it. – Excellent choice!)" NNFT

"Hey all! Well, looks like the tone for the GB is set toward The Hitcher, so here is my take on John Ryder. John Ryder was a severely depressed and angry person and really wished he was dead - he really wanted to commit suicide. However, his body had a very strong will to live, so he found he couldn't do it himself, nor could he just simply let someone else do it. So - he set out on a murdering rampage, angered by the fact that he couldn't do this thing to himself. He comes across this kid and decides this would be the perfect opportunity to get somebody to take him out. He'll taunt this kid until the kid finally gets up the gumption to kill him. He kidnaps the girl and ties her between the two trucks, then invites the kid in the truck and begs him to kill him. Once again, Ryder is warring with himself. He WANTS the kid to kill him, yet his strong will to live has sabotaged him by putting the girl's life at risk if the kid actually does it. The kid plays a fascinating part - starting out as some geeky, middle-class, soft young man who has never known poverty or hunger, never experienced any real turmoil in his life, and by the end of the movie he is a tough, strong young man. Amazing what it takes to temper steel, eh? Anyway - there's my take on it. ANyone else want to play?" Tori

"Following on from Tori's entry. Ok, my interpretation of John Ryder’s motives are that basically he was indeed a psycho (and who knows what goes on inside their heads). He obviously enjoyed killing and the mutilation of his victims but after a few sprees, his appetite required something more than just that. The thrill of the cat and mouse chase. As he said to poor old Jim “I want you to stop me”. Of course the question can also be asked if there was some affection that Ryder had developed for Jim as the chase went on (i.e. the scene at the police station when Jim spat in his face and Ryder’s reaction to that). I’m not sure that I agree that he wanted to die, but he obviously knew that he couldn’t go on indefinitely without being caught so his death wasn't actually important to him. A classic movie whatever the interpretation and one which I never tire of (it always keeps me on the edge of my seat even though I know what’s coming.) I'm surprised Ryder's coat survived at all (knowing what a state he was in at the end of the film), but it's nice to know that it's hanging in somebody's wardrobe waiting for The Hitcher to come to claim it...." Corinne

"The Hitcher? mixed emotions.Well, all I can say is he was a sick psychotic son-of-a-bitch and I felt the urge to slap him around a wee bit n knock his block off.Ha!just a woman thing Rutger.Anger management is out the window on this 1.I felt sorry for him a teeny wee bit though(felt he needed understanding and a whole lotta love that noone was giving him.Or maybe he didn't know how to love.Poor guy.Depression?suicide? most definatly.Yes,he was too chickenshit and needed someone else to help him get there.Guess the dude had his problems.Badly needed to lay on the couch n blast away.Although he deserved to be slightly mulched at the end.Had at least 1 tear for him as his ass was continuously blown away.A bit of a bullhead wasn't he?.Reminded me of that other nutty dude that refused to stay down...what's his name. Indeed he finally got his wanted sweet rewards.Just a thought if not much.I'll leave it there.MIKE your last entry...?????...I need to write but nothing much to interest you with.Don't hang to much,I cast mainly shadows nowadays.Take care my favourite weeman Scotsman x.Rutger,shit,you drive a hard auction muffinman.So hard to choose.The coat? maybe? of course definately we'll be glad to pay for some blood n guts too.Wouldn't be THE coat if you drycleaned it,now would it.Damn!would love to see the look on the drycleaners face if you showed up with that thing,hu?:o) OK. I'm outta here,just breezin by as usual with the sameoldsameoldshit.Stay cool keep the BIG feet flyin.Saved any hair lately??..yes crazy I am but not really known to well. Pity. Buggers n ballocks to that.Shouldn't get worked.Hugs n Kus's R&JH." Jackie

"Well I am pretty sure I put my 'theory' about John R in here before but nevermind. I know it may well have evolved as an accident of non-removal, however John is wearing a wedding ring and I always thought that maybe his family were killed by some psycho and he flipped and he really does want somebody to kill him so he can be with his family. But no-one does and he goes on getting worse and worse and more and more desparate and dangerous. The ambiguity is what keeps us watching, you really don't quite know what it is, what makes him tick, what turns him on, but there are some wonderful scenes where you are forced to ponder. It isn't your regular ol' action/psycho flick. I saw it at the cinema when it first came out and a number of times on tape since. It's very watchable!// Mikey Pee - oh brother, do you find yourself some crazy company... steer clear of dogs I'd say! Nats, I loved your ticklish joke. Bear, you sitting in a big squishy chair admiring your work in the barn? Hope ya got a good book! Love to all." Cazzie

"Heck Tori I'll play (cos I love this game LOL). I largely agree with Corinne and Caz, that Ryder is most certainly a psycho, and to me he is a tortured soul, you can see that in his face. I can't say for certain that he is suicidal in the beginning but at the end after everything he's done I would say he wants to die. Thats better than prison/death row as he knows he will be caught eventually. He tries to get Halsey to put the gun to his head and shoot him but he can't do it. "You useless waste" he tells him so yeah by then I agree he doesn't care about his own life. Initially though I think hes just a psycho who gets off on what he is doing. When Halsey first picks him up he gets a kick out of frightening him and telling him he cut off the legs, arms and head of the last person to give him a lift. And hes about to do the same to him. Ryder is tortured by something and I think that by saying "I want you to stop me" he is crying out for help. Not sure I believe he was married and his family were slaughtered and he's exacting revenge for that. Otherwise I think that no matter how over the edge and psychotic he is, he wouldn't have killed the family who later picked him up. Something earlier in his life had really screwed him up though.I think Ryder went after Halsey at the start just as a simple act of revenge. He likes to be in control and felt he'd lost that when Halsey ejects him from his car. This pisses him off and so he decides to play with him and shows Halsey that its he who has control, when at the deserted gas station he hands Halsey his car keys. Also later letting him know he's one step ahead and still in control when he strikes the match at another gas station. He could've done it quicker but he pauses for abit taunting Jim and letting him get away. After Ryder has been taken in for questioning later on and Halsey wants to talk to him, before spitting on his face, Halsey holds out his hand to him first. I think he's now telling him that he has control. By now though there is a well established 'understanding' between the two of them. Oh I have to tell you Hauerbear, that cafe scene where you lean forward putting coins in Jims eyes as you talk to him. The first time I saw this film I thought when you cupped his face in your hands that you were going to give him a kiss Roy Batty style, heeheehee! Now I would most likely still be very confused if ya had ;~))) Anyway here is a man who had apparently left no trace of himself, no finger prints, driving licence etc, not even a birth certificate. I doubt John Ryder was his real name, just a pun he used, to mock Halsey and the authorities. Always a great film to watch time and again to wonder at (and try to figure out) the enigma that is John Ryder. As he says himself "you're a smart kid, you work it out." Sarah

"I never noticed the wedding ring, but - perhaps Ryder took the wedding ring from the first folks he killed, as a trophy? Or off the finger they found in the french fries? Could be." Tori

"Hiya Rutger and all, The beauty of the Hitcher for me is that I don't know what led him to his killing spree. I havn't been force fed at the beginning the reasons for being so evil. Just thrown straight in. The very handsome and fascinating villian ( telling him - you're a smart boy you figure it out scene was particularly cute and funny) made such a welcome change from the usual typical villian. The film left out the usual padding and so it rolled along at an absorbing rate. It doesn't matter what went before, he killed too many people for him to live he just had to be put down - oh okay I admit to feelings of gooiness when he said he came from disneyland and he looked like he needed a cuddle and a nice cup of tea. I just enjoy the movie for what it is - refreshing absorbing and scary with surprisingly funny bits. On a really sick note I thoroughly enjoyed JJL getting torn to bits by R - excellent punishment for having such a good time with him in Flesh and Blood! Yes I know its just movies but it was satisfying! So I don't care where the guy came from I only know I wanted him to rise up out of the dirt and make another movie and scare me again. I don't think any other actor would have done such a good job of it either." Mo

"Hahahaha Mo, ewe would give a psychopath "a cuddle and a nice cup of tea" ;¬) LMAO! I do agree though that its the mystery that works as Ryder is already a killer when we meet him and we are bereft of hisbackground LOL xxx Hey Tori I never think about the wedding ring either. To me, its not part of Ryders character, so it shouldn't be there. The fact that it is always bothers me. I don't want to think he has or had a family somewhere and he's left them behind to go on this rampage, or worse, killed them! Rightly, or wrongly I just think the ring is the bears and its bit of a struggle to take it off his big paws." Sarah

"Interesting chat on "The Hitcher". Yes, it's the not knowing why that is the creepy thing.
I really liked Stephen Speilbergs early movie "Duel" with Dennis Weaver for the same reason.
You never find out why he's being pursued throughout the movie by the guy(you never see) in the big black truck." MikeP

"Mike, yes I agree with you about not knowing why being the creepy thing in The Hitcher. I too liked Duel.
Not actually seeing the driver made it very spooky indeed.
Perhaps it was actually John Ryder at the wheel - just warming up before accelerating to The Hitcher role???"

"Just adding to the 'Hitcher" comments...... He was to me simply an evil "phantom" that swirled up out of the dust to kill. No other ring????
Let's say part of his facade to get into people's cars, homes, etc. and to make him look legit.
I have had dates with guys as sneaky and cuckoo as Ryder. lolol. Matter of fact, I married them." Nessie Gail

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