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Bone Daddy          
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"There Are Fates Worse Than Death"

''I can't say I liked this movie. Oh, it wasn't the script, it wasn't RH's performance - it was the very idea of deboning a living being!! Ick! I remember sitting there trying to figure out how you would properly debone a foot, considering the number of bones there are in it -- and then being horrified by the very thought that I was sitting there, contemplating it! I used to do a lot of dissections, only a couple of them human, and I can't say that I enjoyed the duty - but the human body - actually, any body, is a fantastic, magnificent piece of work. A pure miracle that so many of us live normal lives, with the sheer number of things that can go wrong with any one of the systems - the miracle is how smoothly all the components work together. Truly the ultimate design. Anyway, I was rather sickened by the idea, the premise, I guess - the base of the movie. THe skeleton of it, as it were. eh. heh heh!'' The Rodent

''Hi Rodent, Just read your note on Bone Daddy and you are right in that it's not very pleasant to see someone deboned.
I do like the idea of using an original story line instead of the same old thing. i think the plot was original and well acted.
I will also agree that the human body is a wonderful thing and it's amazing to me the way it works.'' Carolf

''Amazing Rutger! This movie is one of my favs.Definetly! I like the all time I spent with "Bonne Dady" and Rutger there; well. I also had the time to see it more than once (the blessedholiday,yes) so i have my head fresh and my feelings very present. The story is really great.It is intense and very well done by all the actors.We believe it all. Well I did. And I keep all I have said about the movie.It is really very well done. And one great movie of Rutger Hauer. The end? Well, sometimes we just can't have all the answers!'' Maria

''Bone Daddy seems to be on our Channel 5 every 2 months lol. Getting home from the cinema last night having seen 'Sin City' and channel hopping from bed and lo and behold, there it is again! No complaints you understand.'' Minty

''I simply adore " Bonne Dady". Since the begining until the end and please forgive me all those who sees connections between this film and the "Silence of the Lambs". I can't see any. First of all--( and I am a fan of Sir Anthony Hopkins)--I always felt Rutger Hauer was the man for that one. But returning to my humble "Bone Dady's" review... It is a very well done piece ofentertainment,with splendid actors doing an excelent job and with a really thrilling script. Rutger Hauer 's work is perfect. He does it all and we believe it all. It is not pleasant to see? That is really an amazing thought! Why? Because it is a story with bones?? It is much more than that. It is a story of emotions ,feelings about family and duty and it can teaches some quite good things about all that. If people doesn't agree with meit's very okay;I love it and I will keep it this way. It is an original idea with lots of good suspense, great actors and a very good direction. Also a great photography. All the ingredients to a good time watching it. One of my wonderful Rutger Hauer movies and why not? I like bones. ...Palmer's Bones.....'' Maria

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