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Bone Daddy          
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"There Are Fates Worse Than Death"

''Well it's been a while since I watched BONE DADDY I have to say. I thought it was an adequate thriller on the whole. There were some 'rutgery moments' of course. Another of the movies where a chess game has been snuck through the back door - that's quite a few movies if I recall including Blade Runner, Escape from Sobibor and a couple of others that escape my memory now - at one time I remember counting about 6 or 7! Not a movie you can say reams about I'm afraid - it doesn't really work on a metaphoric level its a straightforward kind of movie. Engaged while you are watching it but not much resonance. Well thank god a lot of movies are exactly what they set out to be - entertainment - otherwise our heads would be constantly resounding with questions and hypothesis.'' Caroline

''It's been a while for me too since I saw Bone Daddy, but I agreelargely with Caroline on this one.
Not a memorable film by any means, but mildly gripping and, as always with Rutger's presence, very watchable.''


''I've seen Bone Daddy a few times now, whilst I enjoy it, it's not one you do need to watch alot of before its goodness wears off.
I do chuckle at the crime scene outside the house in the snow where the Bear is in his long coat and the hat, reminding me of Omega Doom. If you haven't seen it I would recommend it yep!'' Minty

''I have watched this film a couple of times - the first time I cant say that I liked it very much, I was watching it on TV and I think having the adverts popping up all the way through spoilt it. I have now bought a copy of it, which a watched a few months back.
I could not remember who the bad guy was - which goes to show how much I got out of the first viewing - lol. There is enough suspence and not too much 'real' horror - modern day type horror - too much blood etc - uck! for the interest and suspence to keep you 'there' right to the end. The acting was good - not over the top. Rutger, was of course his usual brilliant self, brought that little bit extra to the film - and yes Sarah - he does love those long coats.'' Carolf

''I don't like much the medicine movies. but for RH I wouldn't have watched it for a billion of bucks!
He was brilliant as always but the script was very poor to my mind. hollywood movies are stuck with doctor maniacs: dentists, head doctors, now forensists! it looks like script writers are all pissed about cliniks and hospitals.'' Ann

''Well ,you all know me, I'm crazy about Rutger Hauer movies! But I'm really not crazy when I must speak about movies I love and I love Bonne Daddy.I saw it many times.Thank god the Portuguese Television seems to share my taste and I can always see Rutger movies there.
Bone Daddy is a very good story. Intense ,with a wonderful photography and wonderful actores performing. It's a difficult story and the suspence there is really something.Some people used to say that the end is no good; well, I like the end. The movie is not a rosy one, it cannot have a rosy end. We are in suspense until the end and that is good. It is not a moral movie; we don't know if the young guy lives or dyes.It is a story of a strong man fighting against the darkness and that is all. The importance of the movie is the story and the way it is told.And Rutger Hauer ,of course. Its the best part of it and the simple reason for me to see it over and over. By the way: Bone Daddy is going to be on Portuguese air next week. Am I not a lucky duck?'' Maria

''Bone Daddy will be on air next week in Russia, too. I'm the second lucky duck in a row! TV helps to spare cassetes!'' Ann

''I am new to the message board and would like to comment on Bone Daddy. I really enjoyed the movie. I thought it had a great story line and of course I thought Mr. Hauer was great in it.
I must admit after reading some of the other comments I have to agree that Rutger does like chess and long coats.'' Carolf

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