Rutger Hauer Autographed EXTREMELY RARE Original 'Turks Fruit / Turkish Delight' Promo Photo!


An extremely rare 'Turks Fruit' photo!

This ORIGINAL photo comes from the 1972 Dutch film ( 'Turks Fruit' is the original title) directed by Paul Verhoeven. Rutger played the role of 'Erik Vonk'.
Rutger has always declared that Erik was him, all over, 'A young wild dog'. In the U.S. the film premiere took placeat the end of 1973 and 'The Los Angeles Times' wrote, 'This film hits so strongly our middle-class mentality that it is essential to give it a second look to fully understand the richness of its story'. Other reviews said that 'It reveals the ability of a young Dutch actor, Rutger Hauer, who seems at ease both in physical exploits as well as in poignant, heart-breaking scenes. He gives Erik’s character a surprisingly strong intensity, which he is also able to keep under control in order not to fall into a melodramatic sentimentalism'.

This extremely rare b/w ORIGINAL promotional photo comes from a Dutch TV magazine and on its everse side there is the original magazine blue stamp, as well as a printed text description.

This b/w photo measures 9.5" x 7" (24 cms x 18 cms) and Rutger has autographed it in permanent silver ink.


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