Rutger Hauer Autographed 'De Heineken Ontvoering' ('The Heieken Kidnapping') Crime Dossier Book Photo!


Here we have a rarely seen photo!

It shows Rutger holding the book relevant to 'The Heineken Ontvoering' crime dossier book.

'De Heineken Ontvoering' film was directed in 2011 by Maarten Treurniet (who also wrote the script along with Kees van Beijnum). In 2012, this film won the 'Golden Film Award' as 'Best Film' at the 'Golden and Platin Film Awards' ceremony, and Rutger won the 'Rembrandt Award' as 'Best Dutch Actor' in the same year.

The story talks about Freddy Heineken's (director of the famous Dutch brewery of the same name) kidnapping. In 1983, he and his driver were abducted by four young men, including the son of one of Heineken’s employees. The two men were held in a secret part of a woodwork factory in an industrial zone in the port of Amsterdam. The criminals asked for 35 million Dutch guilders (about 16 million Euros) in exchange for Heineken, but before they set their prisoners free, something unexpected happened.

Rutger played in a very touching and intense way the Freddy Heineken role.

This color photo measures 11" x 8" (28 cms x 20 cms) and it is printed on AGFAPHOTO glossy paper.

Rutger has autographed it in black permanent ink.

Such a beautiful photo!


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