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© by Susan Kugler

There was never any doubt
In my mind
That you may have seen me about
And surely I was not to find

That I fit your category and refinery
I understood and accepted
The station in my life
There was no binding me

Nor longing for things
Which were not meant for me
Just being grateful for what the day brings
The world doesn’t see

Such as the beauty of a bird that sings
How they are carefree
No bird has a care
Doesn’t think about his hair
Or what he is to wear

Happy graceful gliding beings
No imaginings
Catching worms and building nests
Singing most beautifully
This is a bird’s quest

Why fill your heart with strife?
Desiring to be loved by man
Live a bird life

To fill yourself with cheer
Is the purpose which man
Was put here

You too can sail the skies
With no care
Don’t believe the lies
You never know where
One may find himself
You’ll be birdie free
As you were made to be

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