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Could Touch a Cloud
© by Beatriz MP

Walking across the city,
thinking of a safe stay.
Guided by the sound of the sea,
and the smell of a cup of tea.
Following steps of spotlights,
getting lost in a cold night.
Seven letters in a message of love
was my map and destination
with the other seven letters
would be with my man in an invitation
I was asked to consider that seven letter word
with such a sad meaning and description
but sure that was not my world,
otherwise I wouldn´t even be talking to myself.
Betrayal is not taken for most as a sin
but betraying yourself by taking
your own life, sure won´t let you win.
Now listen, you are not alone in this,
cause someone great is watching you
the other people can only look at you.
Something strong follows you everywhere.
Remember those clouds up there...
not for being old or cold they became grey
but for feeling sad they started to cry.
I could touch a cloud, it was soft and dry.
I was not flying away from the pain...
I kept going through the rain.

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