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When I Don't Know Where
© by Beatriz MP

Staying in a land where to dream,
dreaming of a land where to stay,
the truth of living between them
is not for good a sweet dream.
I see those days over there
as leaves with no return,
as the pages of a book
that only I could read.
And in search of a safe place,
tons of insecurities were found
and in the distance between those streets,
miles of poverty were lying on the ground...
contemplating people´s surface.
Raising the smile of a homeless,
who was still living in hopeness,
spreading the smell of a rose
with the essence of a purpose
that was not packed as luggage
cause it was just part of the journey.
When I don´t know where to go
I keep walking since a long time ago,
for a thought of happiness in my mind,
while leaving loneliness behind.

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