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The Giant Cage
© by Beatriz MP

Walking along the Canal between
wet leaves and broken branches,
seven miles of an outdoor carpet
Met the grey squirrels again
running through the green grass
like the color of my tartan shirt
when I arrived in this land.
Red was its color when I had to depart
seven days of hope in the city of art.
I found a mattress on the water
a different boat in the canal
and a poem hours later
in a window where I was reflected.
Water was a matter and a fact,
in the rain, rivers and waterfalls.
Fear was my stalker in the night
I was hiding from the time,
afraid of losing my first dance
but it found me every day
without any second chance.
Listened to the music from the past
a melody that couldn´t last.
In the clock of the departure date
love was always running late
when I totally crossed the gate.
In the plane I thought in those birds
taking a wee rest after their flight
on top of a giant cage in the Botanic Gardens,
a house where only plants and sculptures can stay.
I was walking in circles like the route of that subway
and found my home while searching for freedom
but only love can set you free as they said.
I only owned the key that opened my baggage
then I knew that I had been living in a giant cage.

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