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Water Matters
© by Beatriz MP

Water is for a walker a string to reach,
the top of the hill that hides the only truth,
following the paths between the North and South.
It really matters putting your trust in water.
Lost a love with lots of love... still a winner.
Showers of rain and wind washing those glasses of wine,
melting in tears a frozen heart.
Water is transparent and fair, the true reflect of our respect,
it doesn´t need special effects.
Dancing in the water and surfing the waves
takes much more than being brave.
A home of water under the surface
is such a respectable place.
Water helps to beat the heat
when it doesn´t let you breathe.
Still water from waterfalls is
the most natural sparkling bath.
Walking on water is a privilege
that only the human being
can do from the edge.
Don´t underestimate the time of water,
it might be available to buy till anytime in the stores,
but never up to any bottle thrown on the shores.
Everyday can be a date to celebrate,
that water is something important to appreciate.
Please don´t wait until it is too late.
Save water and water will save.

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