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The Status of the Identity
© by Beatriz M.P.

What´s behind the door ...
wait and see, the voice of mistery told.
Time let me see as a conclusion
an energy waster and desilusion.
Lost in the confusion of falling for a stranger,
beaten for the anger of facing the emotion
of a fake devotion.
Dust the trust in those lies,
long the distance between us.
Resistance was a hard lesson to learn
from who I thought I knew like myself.
Accepting the challenge of a faker
agreeing a time-waster...
a contract of permanent loneliness
and frustration, requires strong skills
of investigation...
Following the sweet inspiration from admiration
is how honest hearts work,
guided by their only and true love.
Breaking walls of eternal mistery
brings stones that build bridges of misery
Single to help, Forever engaged to justice
Married the truth, Separated of lies
in a Complicated Relationship with technology...
The status of my identity

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