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‌Far Ago and Long Away
© by Kris Wallace

There are those times when spirits tire,

When mercy lets the Gone transpire

And takes me where You wait, afire.

Two ancient children.


The light is tilting honeyed rays

In Far Ago and Long Away.

“Run with me,” I hear you say

I do, and we are gone.

Over earth and over sky...

Ne'er to fall and ne'er to die.

Ah, my Love, just you and I

In all the world, alone.

All before us. Naught between.

Innocent, we two. Pristine.

A fumbled kiss. A king. A queen.

The wild wind and the sun.

We did not know we could not stay

In Far Ago and Long Away.

Yet sometimes still can come the day

When sullen skies arrange

To show me bright and nurturing clouds

Spread across my mind, and proud.

One moment is my heart allowed

Configurations, strange

Command 'What Is' to brief retreat

Bear me off that we may meet

To tread once more beneath our feet

That sacred field of play.

Where are you now? Where yet am I?

How sweet we never said goodbye.

We laugh yet in Eternity.

Far Ago

and Long Away.

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