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Friend Ship
© by Beatriz MP

Long time ago we took a trip together
seasons of lessons and games
we used to learn and play for years
We put our hands up in the air with the
hopeness of seeing each other again
Our last trip together was shorter
no books or homeworks over there
just a week booked to be ourselves.
Monuments and music in the streets
and in the bus songs and films
sights of love and dreams
We thought the phone would keep us in touch
after the moment of departure
emotions united in our own adventure
And now there is not any detail of them in my list
but in my memories they all exist
Sometimes we are walking and meet along the road
without any message from the keyboard
There is such a quick instant, a sweet response
like the musical notes in the audition of a nice song
Time could not erase the lesson of trust that we learnt
Different boats sailing in the same universe
behind or in front of any wall
the size of the sea is the same for us all
So let´s be kind and brave
Still remember that melody that we all danced
on stage or at home
and as its lyrics said ...
big love, small world...
my true friends

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