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© by Chris Wallace

You need not run, I shall wait for you.
I shall call you “Truth” and myself, fiction.
You need not want, I shall want for you
and make your needs illusion.
You need not love, I shall love for you,
Enough to make it be.
You need not know, I shall know for you.
Let this live, in me.
You need not come, I shall come to you;
A photon soul. A racing light.
You need not reach, I shall reach for you;
A timeless stretch. A stalactite.
You need not care, I shall care for you.
Myself, my time: due forfeit.
You need not turn, I shall turn for you;
A tireless gear. An orbit.
You need not dream, I shall dream for you.
Where nightmares prey, I walk ahead.
You need not fear, I shall fear for you:
Offer them my soul, instead.
You need not trust, I shall trust in you
and make of you my bedrock earth.
You need not lust, I shall lust for you;
Lay at your call my being's worth.
You need not thirst, I shall thirst for you;
Shroud my deepest eaves in dust.
You need not grow old, I shall grow old for you
and see the withering frame as just.
You need not breathe, I shall breathe for you
In cavern-stirring, cleansing sighs.
You need not weep, I shall weep for you
and care not if it ever dries.
You need not wish, I shall wish for you
and see reality submersed.
You need not believe, for I believe in you.
My omega.

My universe.

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