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Respect the Water
© by Beatriz MP

Blue , white and red are the colours of the flags
of my destiny lands, the ones that I support
as my favourite sport is to fly.
Do you want something to drink? Yes, a glass of water, please.
From the gate of the airport to the gateway of the isles
where I took a ferry to my emotions
staying for a few days in thes isle of isolation
anchored to my inspiration.
Boats of poets sailing to the bay of peace
Fishers and ships, paint stores
Fish and chips, the smell of the sea.
Morning walks along the shores.
Buttered toast , a cup of tea, mint
and chocolate flavoured sweets
were my daily full breakfast .
Orange fragrances the essence
to breath the strenght of vitamine c.
It was nice to find my old friend Müller Rice
in the supermarket of the strawberry fields.
Seagulls singing the hymn of the travellers,
the deep sound of silence.
The crown of the town is a balcony of stone
which arcs are windows to heaven
and open doors that knock your heart.
Loyal highlanders in a remembrance made of stone.
This is Oban such a lovely place open to the world
Sailing is not travelling is facing your soul.
Walking to that part of the port I found a different boat
that I havent imagined before ...
Blue ,white and red were the colours of its flag
and on its head one was dancing in the wind,
a racing burgee with a message in a bottle: "Respect the Water"

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