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The Return of the Dutchman
© by Jeroen van Duren

The Flying Dutchman has returned
He was reborn, I heard
But his crew he has lost
And the helmsman burned

That evil helmsman
He steered them right to hell
So the captain keelhawled him
Just as at Chatham he did it very well

But it was too late
The helsman had tested faith
The rudder was stuck on course to hell
The crew could do nothing but fear and wait

For there is no reincarnation, no seven lives
No virgins, no seventy-two wives
We die but our legacy lives forever
In the end that's all there is to write

So fellow Dutchman you better be wise
You know not the meaning of time
There are horsemen just behind me
And waters on the rise

The temple of sun and moon
Is once again facing doom
The earth is full
"There is no room"

The captain needs a bigger ship
So perhaps give him a tip
For rich sailors get rewarded with honor
But rich fools get a mental whip

This man does not say "please"
He sailed the seven seas
He is the keeper of our conscience
The recorder of man's deeds

His voice is like thunder
His words like lightning
He came from down under
He took our pain by fighting

Although we are losers and sinners
He still wants us to be winners
That is, if we obey and be good men
Otherwise he will eat us for dinner

As you see he is not brilliant in rhyme
He just lets a flashlight shine
A voice within you whispers
Judgement time

Or it might tell you this is insane
But dont worry, no one is to blame
He will save all who repent
For the devil has no name

As for the helmsman, he also survived
But evil will drown when the waters divide
The devil's soul will sink to the deep
And only in a thousand years it will rise

The Flying Dutchmann will make port
He asks you for a yes or a no
He will sail, with his sailors or alone
To his home. Like a rolling stone

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