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Warrior of Truth
© by Beatriz M.P.

Questions are trapped in our mind
let their answers dance with the wind
they will come to us like butterflies
We reveal through our facts
the true colour of our light.
The story that some see about us
looks different to my eyes
the truth that I can´t share
is not a secret that I hide
there are some answers that take time,
but are always real in our life
Some questions are like freezing rain,
we can only melt that cold hail
with the warmth of our heart.
I was once too young
but I want to be forever honest.
Dancing alone with so many people around,
I was feeling too modest
Fantasy is a beautiful landscape
to escape from reality...
it draws words , write images
for all folks and ages.
A good friend of loneliness is patience,
mates working together in the same company...
with no shield but my drawing palette
and gun but my pencils...
I was drawing peace with faded lights of faith,
Hope is my invitation to dance...
in the rain, in the darkness... is my spotlight...
we only need our bright as a chance.

What makes you feel comfortable won´t make you feel shy,
They won´t ask you to wonder why
Truth is the aim of honest people ,
if theres no truth in life then reality is pure fiction,
if there is truth in fiction it can tell a big reality about life.
Truth can be found everywhere but in lies.

Warrior of truth...
knight of my wood,
friend of my rights,
guardian of my emotions...
that one who once told me
what I never forgot in time ...
Honesty is a wise teacher in life
that I need by my side.

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