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Lost Harmony
© by Christine Fischer

A lush celebration for the crown of creation,
self-justified climax of Darwin's law.
we´re consciously claiming and forming nature,
but our cells are coherent no more.

this proliferation of malign derivation
with limits negated, destiny is set.
the granulocytes raise no revolution
as the cancer is hidden, so it will spread,

deforming, abusing, for uncontrolled gain.
the bleeding body consumes his own life
as it turns into filiae to join in the game.
we never know why! we fight to survive!

radical growth has a dark prognosis,
treason of life, brutal, short-sighted war.
natures cure would have been apoptosis
but this plague has already overcome her:

oily tentacles and atomic heart
are nurturing us and we serve the machine.
toxic metabolism is flooding the world,
submerging our spirit in blood and urine.

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