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Permanent Travelling
© by Aaron Cornett

Keep your head up, eyes forward,
on the road and move along,
possess the restless
all night long.

Follow the dream, take the muse,
write the dreams of a world to come
and find the ryhme and reason
of unfinished songs.

Drive all night, awake with the dawn
breathe with your soul, possess all inspiration
and give all of your good heart,
fierce and strong.

Take every chance while you are possessed,
commit to it all, chase the miles,
and leave nothing but a ruined ash
while you are still alive.

The path of the poet rises endlessly,
a different path every eternal moment.
It is a lonely road, ending only
when you do.

And it calls you now, calling you tonight.
It beckons for action, bleedly finality,
and yearning for completion.
It has to be tonight.

All else fails,
everything else falls away,
and all is lost becuase
it has to be tonight.

It has to be tonight.
It has to be


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