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Call of the Wild
© by Aaron Cornett

The senses awaken
The heart stirs, a quick thud
As every sound becomes
A threat.

All is natural, alive and unyielding
Except you.

Release the roses from yesterday,
Wade into the myriad colors of blissful harmony,
And forgive the silent saints
Of bloodletting.

Walking in the afterglow,
The crooked patterns of gold and yellow
darkly framed in the cool angled light,
we find a path never known.

Beneath a forested canopy,
We remember.
A shot of the world you know
Races through your veins.
And for the first time
We resist, answering instead
To the natural around us.

In the wary gaze of a living creature,
We forget the place behind us-
the old world of this morning,
the towering grey and the relentless
process of being human.

We forget our place
yet we find our home.
We abandon the artificial and the fake,
returning to innocence.

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