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Sleeping Angels Lie
© Patrick

I am no one's guardian angel
Not now, not again
But a mere man
Frail ego, fragile identity
Fallible, subject to ordinary wear and tear

But once, I was so different, so perfect
Cool, clean and sharp
Much less a person than a purpose
My every move an expression of that purpose
A means to an end

I needed nothing else
The need itself sustained me

But that's no role for a human being
The light that burned twice as bright
burned half as long
Soon guttered and burnt-out

And when it did
I fell into an Abyss of dark and quiet
A welcome peace and loneliness
And there the Angel slept

That was where you found me
You shook me
Roused me out of that long aching dream
And set me on fire

For you, for you!
I would live for you!
I would do all of this for you!
So grateful, so joyful
I praised you, almost worshipped you
It was all for you

And with a new sense of purpose,
The Angel began to open its eyes
There was work to be done

But that's no role for a human being
An angel, in this flesh, is
nothing but a monster
That flaming intensity of purpose
could only burn you
That terrible cold edge
only cut you
And it did

Best fold up my wings now,
And let the Angel die
You never asked that much of me, anyway
You never needed to be saved

But thank you
Thank you my demon, my temptress
Thank you for my life
Thank you, for making a man of me
Sorry I'm not much good at it yet
I'll do better next time

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