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Forever My Brother
by M. Reese

Fourteen years old I lay in bed.

Just having awoken from a deep sound sleep thinking oh today is my Birthday.

In the next moment my Mom opened the door to my room and walked only part way in.

She said to me, "Kelly died this morning." With tears in her red eyes she left me.

I broke down in tears. Feeling the loss- I felt nothing and everything. Feeling my heart ripped out of me
I whispered to myself, "No my brother you cannot be gone, to never hear your voice and to never see you
smile.” Never, ever, ever, did something seem so meaningful and final, how could life just end? "Would
you - could you really never take a breath ever again and never walk back through my door or walk
again on this earth?" I sobbed and sobbed the tears would not stop.

Lying in that bed, with tears running down my face I did not much like what I learned that day and the
next day and the next day and the next day. My brother was gone forever. Forever had never
felt so long. Forever could come too soon.

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