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More Human Than Human
by Meg Garner

The rumble of human life went on.
The fighter burst forth, the lover; gone.
Rain fell down from where the stars belong.
None but one heard the warrior’s song.

One’s heart was beating, ready to burst.
The other had none; IT was the first.
The first to alter the man’s hard mind,
Of perceptions he’d made of ITS kind.

The prodigal son looked at the sleuth,
Hanging on tight to the building’s roof.
A Replicant hand seized human arm,
Cast the man down, sat gently. Then calm,

Retold his stories of four years past,
To the one creature he knew would last.
The one he’d chased like a madman through,
The cold, wet Bradbury, just those two.

Roy Batty’s life span was running low.
Rick Deckard – the only one to know.
That even life lived in fear and pain,
Could be lost in time, like tears in rain.

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