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A Gift for You
by Mary Jane Kugler

If I could catch a beautiful sunset
With yellow sky changing from
Gold to pink to mauve
To deep purple to quiet night

If I could capture blue sky
Above tall treetops with
Leaves waving in the breeze
Flickering sunlight between the branches

If could hold a soft wind
Blowing across a sandy shore
Rippling white-capped waves
Changing colors with the changing skies

If I could put them in a box
Tied with a graceful ribbon
And send it for a gift to you

If I could just share with you
The beauty of a well-lit perfect day
With wispy strands of white clouds
Drawn across blue skies
Coaxed by gentle breezes
Blowing soft across your face

Then I would have given you
God's gifts - free to all men alike
Not more nor less for any man
God's gifts - no man could make

A Treasure of Beauty for a man
To tuck within his memory
To comfort him
With God's Beauty that speaks
To his heart, his inner thought
To tell him, "All is Well."

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