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The Poison Within
by Jackie Baker

Drip, drip, drip goes the poison as it twists slowly toward its destination.
Why, why, why says the father in tearful desperation.
How, how, how thinks the Doctor as he plans his next intervention.
Please, please, please cries the mother in holy concentration.
Do not take my precious child dear Lord from my loving care.
Do not let her lose her joy, her happiness, not even her hair.
I offer instead to you take me in her place.
Let her grow to live yet another day.
The poison within does not hear any cries.
It only knows one purpose , one enemy that thrives.
It speeds quickly without mercy to it's well hidden target.
Nothing can hide once it has started.
For the poison within is a friend to the child.
But to the intruder its purpose it most vile.
The intruder is cancer and it must be annihilated
So that sweet little Annie can once again be illuminated.

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