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The Dawn of a New Age
by Jackie Baker

Thru the silver tendrils of hair two blue eyes peer out, looking at a blank screen that mirrors an image she no longer recognizes.
An image that despite time still glows from a warm and loving heart.
She thinks back at a less complicated time.
Back to the laughter of children playing in the yard, and the smell of a home cooked meal stewing in the kitchen.
How time has changed, she ponders.
Looking once again at the black screen in front of her.
She remembers the faces of those that she loved, that have since passed on.
All but a few remain.
The tapestry of stationary lays dormant in its place.
Very seldom used anymore, it collects the dust from years gone by.
Rather time has ushered in a new means of communication.
A new form that is still quite daunting to her.
She stretches out her long withered fingers and gently pushes.
Again she looks at the black screen as it lights up with letters and numbers.
Suddenly her heart leaps with joy as a multicolored window appears.
Within the silence she hears her three favorite words.
"You've got mail"

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