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Moon Tanned By Your Soft Existence
© by V.N. Martin

Today I am blue
It all comes down to you
You are weirdly beautiful
I am moon tanned by your soft existence.
The full moon over Mt. Shasta
Inspires the mushroomed dog
To bark at a cadence of nervousness
My dome tent is bent
The man in the moon of the month of maybe
Give me a chance to understand this please
You are only getting pressed, man
Does the language control you?
Or do you control the language?
Are you a mystic of the linguistic?
They’ll stone you when you’re trying to be Jude
‘Cause the hallucinogenic language
Is beyond the comprehension of the newspaper editors
Who obey the masters of deception
Who practice mental contraception
But the masses never mattered anyway
Follow the children who see la Madonna
Floating spooks and span dancing along with Pan
While fairy dust turns to rust
While at Cougar Springs Danger Ran

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