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Death and Peace
© by James Stuart

In night's embrace I lay me down,life undone spinning out of control.
No love here only twilight and rot, my time is spent my days are gone.

My heart is stone and my soul is black, no travelling back from the edge.
How did this come to pass? My life wasted lies behind me as I raise the knife.

The time is now apparent nobody forgives me, I want to go to endless black.
The ties are cut and the wounds run deep, this is the last promise I will keep.

The earth calls like a long lost lover, promising forever to cover my sins.
The sun hardens my heart and the moon mocks my failure.

I would give it all to see her light but it has left me, no love left .
I weep silent tears of ice as I go to the deep warmth of the grave.

No one cares for my passing , the flowers are as false as their tears.
I'm done and gone forget about my life I never mattered.

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