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Thumb in the Air
© by Victor Palmer

I got my thumb in the air
Waiting for a ride
To take me somewhere

Ragged clothes on my frail frame
Getting far away
Has become my only aim

Boots, carrying me down the dreary turn pike
Just playing a game
A game called hitch-hike

I used to have a girl to date and see
Once upon a time
I had parents and a family

My girl, she left me one day
During the summer
My parents have passed away

Nothing in this town to stay for
All the people that I know
They're not here anymore

Take me across the ocean, to Paris France
A city of light and love
Where I might have a chance

Let me stand on the African plains
Stare up into her skies
And feel her gentle rains

Walking on down the road
There is grief and burden
A very heavy load

Gazing up, into the cloudy sky
To tell the past
To say it's good bye

Holding up my thumb to the car's head lights
Only to see, only to glimpse
The flash of red tail lights

The motorist continue to pass me by
They are wondering,
They are wondering why

Why I am standing here?
What do I want?
Am I something to fear?

Walking along with my thumb in the air
Looking for shelter
Looking to share

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