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Soap Box Poets

Daily Moments
© by MaryFrances Walter

Take all the seconds as they come
Drink deep the juice within
Absorb the little memories
That cause your mind to grin
Or weep, or think, or push and kick
What matters is the fill
Absorbed in holes left aching
From trying life's climbs uphill
Flights of birds, songs nature sings,
The winds caress, the ocean's floor,
Floral's gowns envied by the trees
And corner prisons with no door
Folks with different masks of stone
Cloudless nights of untold chill
Mankind with their book of tales
Sharing stories beyond your fill
In your pockets tuck them deeply
Gather, bend, crumple and fold
Then let them spill into your heart
Until they overcome that mold
And note it doesn't end just there
But floods into your bottomless soul
And fills, and fills, and fills and fills
No boundaries, no bubbles, just flow
Sometimes they bounce and go away
Sometimes they bring the tears
Sometimes they cause a washout
Conjuring up the darkest fears
But to me they are the trophies
Of not waste nor time misspent
These are daily journals to my self
Others cannot buy or rent
I grow with nature's gentle songs
And people often give surprise as
I experience vast and unnamed things
Within the cinema of their eyes
I love the varied voice of sharing
Be it nature, mind or man
I try to capture every memory
And write them when I can.

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