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Night in the Rainforest
© by Ali

The night itself falls silent and numb
It runs like tears, mutes even the candles' glow
The stars are gone
Wet air softens even the fires' voice
Patiently the rain falls
Followed by living opalescent fog
So thick it muffles the song of the waterfall
Nightsounds and squeaks unknown
On the thinnest edge of hearing
Tapestried rainforest
Dark mountain and sky with stars
To know their cold and utter distance
To feel the pull of the Southern Cross
Nowhere is there moonrise as there is here
The light so thick and clear - precious light!
Memories so strong I can feel their heartbeat
I'm run through with shafts of thoughts and feelings
Hundreds of years of quiet surround me
I have never heard the sound of palm trees before.

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