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The Offer
© by Sally Odgers

So kind of you to offer
A stage for versifying
A poem's not a poem
Until it has been read
There's some that think this absence
Is rather mercifying
Yet a poem is a poem
When all is done and said.
An actor's life for you, I know,
An author's life for me
The poets' names are legion
Stretch as far as you might see
I've much enjoyed your acting
Upon the telly screen
And now your generosity
Lets others' work be seen.
My work is bound in covers
As yours appears on screen
I think we know the two-edged sword
That going public's been
Creating for the love of it's
A thing I can't afford
I need to judge the Industry's
Opinion on my words.
But you from all the fun you give
To those who like your action
Still offer them another gift-
The happy satisfaction
Of knowing that their verse is read
By one more famed than they
The kindliest of offers
That I have read all day!
Or, as we say here in Aussie-land - Good on you, mate!

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